Hey there! ConCom this Sunday! What with the COVIDS going on, this should prove to be an interesting meeting. gettogether.community/events/4

@Bagel3000 I figure it'll be over by then, or... it won't. <shrug>

I'm on the concom for BSDCan in early June. Our go/no go is a month before.


@mwlucas It's hard to plan for the "or it won't" much ahead of time. But we have contingency plans in place, to the extent we can. Saturday is a board meeting, so we'll be figuring things out then, too.

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@Bagel3000 You got this.

And your members all understand the "we want you to NOT DIE" thing. We won't be thrilled, sure, but it'll be fine. :flan_pats:

@mwlucas The problem is also that the hotel is NOT BUDGING in the least on the contract. If we have to cancel, we owe them more money than god, whose act this apparently is not. (act of god negates contract. Really Bad Flu is apparently not an act of god)

@Bagel3000 oh jfc.

There's a whole bunch of lawyers debating right now if this situation qualifies as Force Majeure. If it's still going on at the end of April, it's force majeure AF.

@mwlucas One would hope! I've got my fingers crossed that this will all work out better than "worst case scenarios" that keep running through my head. We've got this. We are Penguicon. If we've survived Brazilian beef, we can survive this! :D

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