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Don't forget! ConCom Meeting tomorrow!
You can attend remotely via Zoom, or show up in person to hang out, get to know Penguicon a little better, and get free food! (tomorrow is pizza and salad)
Also... I MIGHT be announcing my first confirmed Guest of Honor! Tune in.

Now THAT was a thunderstorm!
of course... Mister will be soaked and grumpy when I get home. I warned him it might rain, but he insisted on staying outside.

Hey, Mastadon! There's a ConCom meeting on Sunday!
There's info about it here, in a place that is neither Google nor Facebook. The next ConCom will be October 20 (and we'll have a costume-finishing get-together afterward).

Car get smush. If the apparent damage to the frame is bad enough, it may get totalled. I think we're like 4 car payments in? Ugh.

@craigmaloney Turns out, you can just click a button on this machine and 💫 PRESTO change-o... LINUX (beta)! 🐧 I managed to figure out and install Miniconda3 and everything. Now I sleep. 😴

I spent the weekend getting nature on me, and it was glorious. Though next time, I'm giving in and bringing a foam mat for sleeping. Ouch.
My one niece is a budding photographer (or at least photography director). The artsy ones were at her direction.

@kernelsnarky @craigmaloney et al
Penguicon August Con-Com Meeting
Sunday, August 18
1-3PM. Meeting, followed by lunch/snacks!

One of the Board Of Directors rooms (where ConSuite was at Penguicon)
Westin Southfield-Detroit
1500 Town Ctr, Southfield, Michigan 48075

"Dolemite is my Name"
I haven't been this excited for an Eddie Murphy movie in... well... ever.

Anybody else for one of the best bad movies ever made? I'll have to see how my schedule goes, but I LOVE this movie.


Nothing like Procraftination. Crafting one thing while I'm supposed to be crafting another thing. I should have been sewing last night. Instead, I finished knitting a colorwork hat!

Late info... but there's a meeting on Saturday!
Penguicon Planning Meeting
12:00 - 5:00 pm
4815 Delemere Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48073-1002

We're having a special meeting for Department Heads to lay out a timeline of who needs what, when, and how. The plan is to make sure that we are all working with each other in the most efficient way possible, and also, hopefully, to have a timeline created that can be used and helpful from year to year.

Found our state flower in bloom in a tree in a darkened back alley of shady Royal Oak last night.

RIP Rutger Hauer. You have given me so many of my favorite characters. I appreciate that. Thanks for training the very first Slayer. <3

@mwlucas I hear you're doing some talking at the August MUG Meeting! I'm told by a @craigmaloney that I should show up.

More meetings! Tonight, programming and I are grabbing coffee to work through the plethora of information that was poured upon us on Saturday.

Instead of being gifted sleep, it seems I donated all of mine to someone else. At least I had a nap yesterday, cuz otherwise I would not be at work right now.

If anybody has some extra sleep, can you send it my way? Thanks!
And have a great weekend. See some of you tomorrow.

If you're thinking of coming to the Programming Retrospective thing tomorrow, here's our general idea for a timeline...

Discussion re: programming tracks/responsibilities/potential changes from 11a-2p.

Then a discussion re: Sched and how to make it more functional from 2:30-4:30p.

Wrap up from 4:30-5

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