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Hey, Wordle & Spelling Bee fans. The NYTimes Guild is asking readers not to engage at all with the NYT tomorrow, Thursday, as they do their walkout. I'm not going to cross that digital picket line. If you support the workers at the NYT, stay off the site tomorrow, from midnight -> 11:59 pm. No news, no games, no nothin'.

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I’m still looking for #smallbusiness owners that have #questions about #cybersecurity to ask a question or two on The Mindful Business Security Show #podcast and get answers from the hosts. The topic of the episode is right sizing fundamental #security capabilities in a small business on a budget. Please boost!

This is NOT a sales pitch, and your time commitment would be about 15 minutes on December 16th between 3:30-4:30pm eastern via a video call (only audio is recorded). You do not need to use your real name, nor disclose the name of your business. Please reach out to me for more details if interested!

#entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurs #infosec #infosecurity

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December 6, 1989, 14 women at the École Polytechnique in Montreal, Canada, were murdered. A man who claimed he was "fighting feminism" lined up women and shot them. If you think #misogyny is a thing of the past, you aren’t paying attention to the world today. 🧵

I don't despair, and I don't want to dwell in anger, but it is tough sometimes, especially when should-be allies are dismissive.

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Thirty-three years ago, I was writing the first engineering exam of my degree. At the exact same time, 14 women at another school, who nonetheless were my fellow students, who would have been my colleagues had that day not happened, lost their lives only for doing exactly what I was doing at the time.

32 years ago I helped dedicate this memorial.

Today, looking around at the world and the media landscape, I really only feel despair that nothing has changed. #xp

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I'm hosting a webinar about trust and safety on the fediverse this Thursday, Dec 8th at 12pm Eastern. It's an introduction to the state of content moderation and community safety here.

I hope it will be useful to people at civil society organizations who have perhaps heard about Mastodon and the fediverse and would like to know more about where there are gaps in funding and services, and places where orgs could potentially help augment what's already happening.


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#introduction Hi! I'm Patricia E. Matson, award-winning journalist, formerly a longtime editor with Gannett, currently seeking work.
Socially, I'm active in the speculative fiction community, with the Hugo finalist Skiffy and Fanty podcast crew, moderating a Twitch RPG channel, etc. I was on 8 panels at the recent WorldCon in Chicago.

I really enjoyed the enthused reactions of the "Cromcast" (A Hyborian Age podcast: REH and weird fiction) crew to a listener-response voicemail I had left them. I talked about my dad's love of pulp & poetry, my liking a historical horror novel one of them had recommended (John Langan's *The Fisherman*), and my anthology recommendation to them of *Queer Weird West Tales*. They introduce & play my voicemail around 18:50, enthuse, then talk for an hour about REH poetry.

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I am looking for more friends in the trans community on here. Can y’all boost? 💕 I’m in remission from advanced stage blood cancer as well as living in a hotel right now after fleeing domestic violence. Could use lots of human interaction

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This literature clock is the most wonderful thing I’ve seen in a long time. Checking the time becomes a moment of pure joy 😍


I'm pleased with the Penguicon Mastodon server's Code of Conduct at, in place since at least 2019! I believe it was largely drawn from the convention's FB group & Discord policies, which were based on in-person policies. Only available to Penguicon attendees, though, which eases the load on our admin (thank you @matt !).

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welp we have terms of service now! woot. also apparently almost no mastodon servers do?? anyway folks should really get on that.

ps signups are open (with approval) - plz send your Ottawa or other Canadian friends 🇨🇦

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About the "Symphony of Industrial Horns". A avant-garde rendition of The Internationale performed by Arseny Avraamov in Baku, Azerbaijan, 1922. The Symphony utilized live sounds of trains, naval vessels, factories and other industrial installations acro...

Original tweet :

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Please boost if you’re still masking indoors (in public places)

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The deadline for this year’s Otherwise Award recommendations is coming soon!

To recommend “a work of science fiction or fantasy that explores or expands our notions of gender” and that was published in 2022, fill in the recommendation form as soon as you can.

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Hi. It would help me a lot if I could get a HEAP of responses to this poll. The goal is to get a decent enough sample so results are predictive of the wider user-base right now. I dislike asking for boosts but this is SCIENCE... or something. (Thanks.)

How do you use Mastodon MOST of the time?

On a phone, or other touch screen device?


On a device with a keyboard like a laptop or desktop computer?

(If it's half and half choose the middle option.)

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We are considering removing NSFW posts from local/public and network timelines.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated and will help us decide!

Consider boosting this poll to help reach as many people as possible.

#pixelfed #askFedi

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