It is some kind of mad world I live in where I get to spend my morning defining tech standards and my afternoon at a company carnival complete with Ferris Wheel. 😎

Did you hear that Penguicon 2020 is moving back to the last weekend in April!

A last minute cancellation meant we could slide in and take the spot.

If anyone needs the zoom info for the board meeting tomorrow let me know and I can post it.

I need to find a way to remember to check in here like I do with my other social media. It isn't second nature yet.

Three days left in my current position and leaving the first job since I've been back to work. It is kind of bittersweet.

Interview yesterday and another this morning. Not sure if job searching after running the con is my best idea but it is looking good :)

Need motivation to do my end of con write up. Anyone have some that I can borrow.

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