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Boost if you want to support use of Fedi as a safe and comfy place for trans people ​:recoloring:​

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Ineffable that @neilhimself would announce the #GoodOmens season 2 date in a Billie Eyelash Good Omens fan parody.


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CNN is no longer CNN. CNN was sold. CNN was seized, like twitter was seized by Elon Musk.

They hated CNN coverage of the insurrection. They ENDED CNN.

CNN is a Fox News with faces that look like sane journalists (that were not fired already) but smile and offer a tyrant as if he were not responsible for an attempted coup.

CNN, because it was sold, and now cannot but report news only as directed, is now a FOX NEWS CHANNEL.

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90 Years ago today (May 6th) Nazi troops swarmed the first trans clinic and carried out one of the first large scale book burnings.


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This is your irregular reminder #Adobe are fucking dicks:

> Adobe Tells Users They Can Get Sued for Using Old Versions of Photoshop

We need #FLOSS tools to get to the point where they can replace Adobe tools. The alternatives are great, but they are sadly not there yet to replace Adobe tools for professionals.

And won't be unless projects like @inkscape get enough funding to develop to a point of being viable alternatives.

Yes, it is in no small part about the money.

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message to cis people uncomfortable with minors taking hormones 

Unfriendly reminder that as someone who had to wait until I was an adult to transition, I have no childhood. The nostalgia for high school you all take for granted doesn't exist for people who didn't get to be themselves. Transitioning in childhood is a blessing, not a curse.

The fear you have about a cis person accidentally transing themselves and what it'd feel like? That's exactly how trans kids who can't transition feel.

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Anti-trans policy at the University of Michigan, please boost 

Right now Graduate Workers at the University of Michigan are on strike trying to get a living wage for the work that they do. This time trans healthcare is also under debate as many grad workers can not access the care that they need.

When asked to improve access to trans healthcare, the University of Michigan said they are "not interested in doing that". After being told how desperately their students need this care, and how they are suffering, they responded with indifference and sighed with relief when the next topic was introduced.

Please boost this, the University is trying to hide behind a progressive facade while rejecting a living wage and trans care.

#transrights #uofm #goblue #trans

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i wanna try something...

vote on this poll and boost this post

i wanna see how many votes i can get before it ends in about 30 days

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Three years ago, I wrote a series to help people get a job in tech for as close to $0 as possible with no prior experience.

That sounds like a tall order, but at least 4 people (that I'm aware of) have succeeded with this guide.


If you feel lost or discouraged, give it a read. It costs you nothing. (Not even privacy. I do not have ads on my blog after all.)

I am absolutely wiped tonight. According to Pokemon Go, I did over 5k of walking today. My legs really felt it when I finally made it home. I am going to crash two hours early tonight because I have no energy left.

So I messed up my timing and missed closing ceremonies (it had just ended when I noticed it was after 2 pm). Was anything announced there?

Damn it sucks to get old. It is 10:30 and I am already partied out after just an hour of hitting the room parties. Not sleeping well last night didn't help.

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The official Mastodon app is doing something new which is potentially very dangerous to the existence of Mastodon and the Fediverse.

The official Mastodon app now prompts users to join mastodon.social by default, when previously it prompted them to pick a server. If you're new this may sound harmless, but let me explain.

The entire point of this place is to be a social network spread out on as many servers as possible (the reasons are here: fedi.tips/why-is-the-fediverse).


You can tell that I do furry cons. I sat down on a panel chair and something on it banged (a loose plate underneath). The first thing I did was try to see what my tail had banged into, even tough I am not wearing it today.

At the hotel, having a Wendy's burger for dinner. Then veg time until the morning.

Landed, bag claimed, now to get my rental car and drive to the hotel

Flight has been delayed twice more. Was moved to 4:30, then maintenance discoved that the part needed wasn't here, and by the time it arrived, the plane would not be ready until 11 pm. New plane is on its way here from Atlanta, we should board around 5:15 and arrive in Detroit at 8 pm. So much for my online meet up tonight. I think once I am at the hotel, I will just collapse in my room.

Flight delayed by 2 hours due to maintenance issue. This is going to be one of those trips. I have an online meet up at 8 pm, so long as I am at the hotel and have my dinner pizza by then, I should be fine.

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