I am in the Fediverse panel right now, which reminded me that it has been too long since I checked this server. I need to be better at using the social networks that I have signed up on.

Last night, IRCCloud went offline, which is why I disappeared from IRC. Reading their Twitter, it is a problem at their ISP, which has gotten much worse over the last year. It looks like the ISP lost the server that IRCCloud uses. So I will be offline from IRC today until this is fixed.

I am having an interesting "problem ". As I declutter, my cat is finding new places that she can now lie down on. Her latest find is on top of some large storage bins. She surprises me every time I walk by them when she meows at me and I didn't see her lying there. She is going to be upset when I finally make closet space for those bins and they are no longer in the area behind my small kitchen table.

I had an interesting experience on Friday that continued today at work. I am starting to teach the more experienced senior developers how to use our Jenkins set-up to deploy stacks for the branches that are ready for testing. They do all their work locally and don't think about how it will look deployed for the end users (everything is not localhost).

Plus, I looked at notes from last fall and suddenly now it makes a lot of sense, when back then it was all black magic.

Yay for leveling up!!

Shitty way to end the night. Something caught and broke in my Windows 10 laptop, now the screen no longer works and a corner gets pulled up when I try to open the screen. I got it working with an HDMI cable to an external monitor, so moving all the files off of it overnight.

What I love about PenguiCon: I just learned something that I can use for my day job that I didn't know that I needed to learn.

Note to self: federated accounts at work (single login for everywhere) is NOT the same as your account on a Fediverse server application. My mind was not separating the two during the last panel and made me ask a very dumb question.

Attending virtual Penguicon this weekend. I wish that I was there in person, I miss being around other people.

This was my outfit at Anthro New England two weekends ago. Meant to post it here sooner. Don't mind the lack of paws, can't use the phone with them on.

About to learn about the furry federverse. The room was just 6 of us, no one realized there was a line outside the room and they could just come in.

I guess that I haven't posted here for a couple of months. New job is going well, a lot of the stress I had has gone but some is still there (I still expect the rug to be pulled out from under me). Starting to get more social again. Local con this weekend, downside is it means I miss the remote con the following weekend I've done every year since 2005. Finances are starting to get stable again, so that helps.

I saw Rise of Skywalker today. Did not expect C-3PO to appear after credits to say "You're still here? Go home!"

I have not talked here much lately, been mostly offline due to new job eating up my online social time. It is going very well. I hate the commute, but the job itself is better than I had expected. The entire group I am with is better than I expected. This is how an Agile team is supposed to work. The stress is mostly gone, and the depression is finally fading. Now to start 10 days off without going stir crazy.

My attempt to switch myself from an 8:30 am wake-up time to a 6:30 am wake-up time appears to be a success. The real test is tomorrow when I need to get up at that time so I can be out the door in time to catch the commuter rail train I want to use to get into work. It's been over 10 years since I worked at a location that needed a real commute, instead of working in the next town over (20 minute drive).

Did a site visit to where I will be working. Commuter rail took 15 minutes longer than the schedule said. Subway stop I get off at is a 5 minute walk to the office.

It cost me $26 for the commute (parking/train/subway), need to look into monthly passes.

Only 20 people in the building right now.

There is not a strict 9 am start time, so I can try the 8 am train and see what time I get into the office.

I feel like today removed a lot of the stress that I still have due to not having a job.

This could be interesting. I may do another 3 month contract at the company that cut my six month contract short at the midpoint earlier this year. This one is a fixed 3 month contract, no extension. Would be good to have income again for the next 3 months, and I know the commute will be good. Assuming they will rehire me. Hopefully this is not another bad decision.

So just when I was about to give up on the job search for my profession, I get contacted for 4 different positions over the last 3 days. Something has to hit soon, I am avoiding pulling money from my retirement brokerage account but can't avoid it for too much longer if I don't have a job.

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