Welcome to the world, little one.

Meet the very first Sprout24 CPU, fully assembled tonight for the first time.

25 circuit boards, 2600+ components, 730 LEDs, 1000+ integrated circuits, 9700+ logic gates, and over 29,000 transistors.

She's going to be a thing of poetry when she starts executing code.

I've tested each board individually, but have yet to apply power to the entire thing. I'm not sure I'm ready yet to dare try.

#cpudesign #retrocomputing #sprout24

I found this backup tape while sorting through boxes — the final resting place of Sound Bytes BBS.

Turns out I can still fire it up in DOSBox and browse through everything as a time capsule.

Though the farewell message suggests the BBS would return in summer of 1996, the world moved on quickly, and the BBS scene — as it was — disappeared just like *that*.

By the time 1996 did roll around, we were busy building our area's first dial-up ISP, and there was no turning back.

#bbs #retrocomputing

With people fleeing the birdsite, and some finding their way to the Fediverse, what's the best way to discover new people to follow?

Seems on a small instance, all you can easily see are the few local people and the federated accounts they've happened to follow already.

Would it be better to join a larger server just to have a larger pool of local users to look through to bootstrap the discovery process? Or are there better ways as a user of a small server to find great people to follow?

Penguicon.social needs a cute penguin as a favicon instead of the default Mastodon icon. Because penguins. 🐧

And maybe it should be linked to in the "Find us on social media" section of the Penguicon.org site?

With all the rain this spring making me nervous about flooding, I built a wifi-enabled sump level monitor. Works great — I get real-time graphs and notifications if the water gets too high.

I do need to practice building nice cases for projects, but for now the "nail the components to a scrap 2x4" method does the trick!

I just found and logged in to my original Mastodon account from 2017. Of the few connections I had made there, all but a couple of them had stopped posting in 2017 as well.

So, a geeky is in order for . Hi everyone! 🐧

I started on a C128 in 1985, was sysop of an old-school BBS from 1993–95, helped build the first dial-up ISP in my hometown, have used Linux since 1995, and studied computer science at .

Professionally, I manage a -based infrastructure and build software platforms for development and hosting.

My home lab is full of Arduinos, SBCs, MIDI keyboards, and pieces of the robots my daughters and I are building.

I tried Mastodon a couple of years ago. The premise and the technology are great, but it was awfully lonely from a social point of view.

Here, at least, there's a built-in Penguicon family to jump start connections with, so I guess it's time to give this another try.


A way to access the Fediverse, for attendees of Penguicon, an annual convention of science fiction, open source software, and all geeky interests, in Southfield, Michigan, USA. Convention info: https://penguicon.org