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I still see posts with people wanting no politics. So I will leave a reminder:

1. Politics = how we make decisions about living together in society.

2. Not participating in politics = endorsing the status quo.

3. Refusing to participate in politics is a privilege. It is also a decision to abandon those in a more vulnerable position.

You might want to abstain and that's fine.
But someone has to combat injustice, racism, misogyny, anti-Semitism and anti-LGBTQ hate.

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Dear reporters, news people, etc.,

The reason you're not getting any reach on Masto is because you rarely interact. You just come here, post your news article, and don't engage with the community.

You will never get reach if you don't interact with people. This is not Twitter. This is not Facebook. If you want this platform to work for you, you have to become a part of the community, not just shout at us and leave. Forget everything you learned in the walled corporate digital gardens.

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A little known feature of #Mastodon is the ability to create your own personal notes about an account.
This is a great way to potentially remind yourself why you follow particular accounts (or just about any other reason you can think of).

Also, these notes are private. The account does not know what you have written down, nor the fact that you have even made these notes.

Please #boost to help spread the knowledge around your networks. ☺️
#MastodonTips #Feditips #Notes

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The Turing Test poisoned the minds of generations of AI enthusiasts, because its criteria is producing text that persuades observers it was written by a human.

The result? Generative AI text products designed to "appear real" rather than produce accurate or ethical outputs.

It *should* be obvious why it's problematic to create a piece of software that excels at persuasion without concern for accuracy, honesty or ethics. But apparently it's not.

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To all Mastodon-admins: seems like there's an attack on all instances by troll accounts. Servers get slow because of it.
They use thousands of subdomains of My 'pull' queues skyrocketed.

I now blocked the domain and all is back to normal. Please check if you're hit too.
#mastoadmin #fediblock

I wish I could get as excited about everything important in life as I am about!

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Have you ever been at a show or on a flight where you bought your seat, showed up on time, and there's someone else sitting there? Then you politely say "Hey, I think that's my seat, see?" Then you show them your ticket which clearly says their seat.

Some people look at your seat, look at their ticket, realize they made a mistake, look abashed, apologize, and move to their actual assigned seat.

Some people apologize and ask if you'd be willing to trade with them, their kid/spouse/friend is in the next seat over and offer a reasonably similar seat one row up.

Some look utterly confused, and show you their ticket has the same seat, so you have to call over an usher to figure out how this seat got double booked and what to do.

But some become defensive and aggressive. How dare you question that you deserve this seat! I was here first. If you continue to press, it turns out they have some other seat in a much worse section, but they feel this seat should belong to them because their friends are there/they can see better there/they prefer aisle seats/every other time people let them have that seat, it's ALWAYS their seat. If you do continue to insist that's your seat, they might begrudgingly move, but suddenly all the people around you are judging you. Their friends on either side are manspreading into your space. The people behind you kick your chair. Maybe someone spills a soda on you while they're moving through the row. You can feel the daggers being stared into your back. When you come back from the restroom you find them in your seat talking to their friends. The entire experience is miserable, simply because you asked for the accommodations you deserve. You can't PROVE that abuse was because you demanded your seat, after all, everyone has their seat kicked sometimes, has rude neighbors, etc.

This experience is every single day of a marginalized person's life. Every time you ask for rights, it's a roll of the dice what you're going to get.

Every single human has a ticket that entitles them to their fundamental human rights. They don't have to have done anything, know the right people, have been there first, or ask nicely for those rights, they just have them by the virtue that they are human beings.

Now sure, sometimes people's understanding of their human rights comes into conflict. Oftentimes, those who were there first didn't even understand that they were preventing someone else from being able to freely exercise their human rights, and are willing to make accomodations and negotiate so everyone can have a great life alongside one another. In some cases, there needs to be a neutral 3rd party to look at the situation and mediate what is the most fair way to accommodate everyone.

But every marginalized person knows that sometimes they're going to ask for their human rights, and they're going to end up with the other class of responses. Those that insist you don't deserve that right. They demand you take fewer rights because they were there first/you having your rights makes them less comfortable/it's inconvenient for them. And you know that continuing to press the issue runs the risk of microaggressions and abuse when you simply wanted what you're entitled to.

So the next time someone who experiences different marginalization than you asks for accommodations, maybe remember this analogy and be the kind person who helps work things out so everyone can have a great life alongside one another, not the person who grumbles and picks on them simply wanting what they're entitled to.

#trans #equality #bipoc #neurodivergent #disabled #antiracism

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I was today years old when I learned that Dan Harmon wrote that '90s-viral "WHERE'S THE MOUNTAIN DEW???" Summoner Geeks D&D sketch.

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"What is Best in Life? Playing D&D with Friends and Family"

What really has proven to bring us health and happiness? It isn't money, it isn't fame, it isn't our careers. It's our family and friends. It's building and maintaining positive relationships in our lives.
If you're reading this article, you probably already love D&D. You might not realize just how much you love it..D&D might be the key to our lifelong happiness."
- @slyflourish

(Other RPGs are available...)

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I’m still pissed at Elon for two things:

1) making me learn how to spell Mastodon
2) that he didn’t buy and ruin LinkedIn instead

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When people travel to the past, they worry about radically changing the present by doing something small.

Few people think that they can radically change the future by doing something small in the present.

This is the only real time travel paradox.

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$44B is actually a small price to pay to destroy the platform used to organize labor unions at Starbucks, Amazon, and other companies with a combined market cap over a TRILLION dollars. The timing is definitely not an accident.

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It's perfectly reasonable and possible for *both* of these statements to be true:

* it is better here than on Twitter
* this better *isn't good enough*

Federation and decentralization *as currently and inconsistently and idiosyncratically practiced* while better, are not good enough.

Digging in and saying that decentralization and federation *is* good enough is really, really unhelpful.

Also, the potential for better does not mean the practical experience is better.

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It's time again for a beloved tradition that warms the heart of a grateful nation: The annual posting of A Very Chagrin Falls Thanksgiving.

Today I told my child, "When I was your age we couldn't just tell Google to close the garage door." Which SF author guessed that one? How did we get the future so wrong?

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