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Feeling lost on Mastodon? Wondering what all of those timelines and options mean?

I did a video presentation about Mastodon for Michigan!/usr/group (

Here's the video if you're interested:

I'll be more than happy to help be your guide in this wild and wonderful world of Federation.

Thinking of presenting about how not to do game design at #penguicon2021 as a list of anti-patterns that I have found over the years in my own not-publishing games. Near the top of that list would be all of the not-terribly-helpful advice I've gotten through books and the like, and how to connect with your goals of game design rather than trying to suss out the market and work in the gaming industry.

Will see if I can flesh out the idea more to create an abstract.

#gamedesign #penguicon

Penguicon 2021 is virtual this year. Come be part of the fun:

Penguicon 2021 |
April 23 – 25

We're barely out of 2020 and Penguicon is already thinking about what 2021 will bring. woo woo!

Is it almost time to start thinking about Penguicon again?

Shout-out to the folks who keep your Mastodon servers up and running.

One week ago it was , which was absolutely amazing. Still feeling the afterglow of so many wonderful folks coming together to make it happen.

uspol, covid19, humor 

Who thought to call them Quarantine Protests and not "Trumper Tantrums"?

h/t @wolfger

146 HOURS of things on the Sched for the weekend. Your ConChair could not have been more proud to work alongside every single one of you to put on the most glorious, epic, historic, first-in-history Virtual Penguicon.
Y'all did it! And you did it in true Penguicon fashion.
I love you and thank you all.

Thank you to everyone who made and possible. You're all amazing folks! Thank you so much!

I've added my presentations for The History of Atari and Introduction to Jitsi to my projects / presentations page.

#penguicon2020 #pengiucon #virtualpenguicon #atari #jitsi

The Consuite for has run out of the 21 year old Scotch, so you're just going to have to make do until next year.

Good morning, . The restaurant this year is really on-point, but I'd skip the buffet.

Three things you need to know today:

1) You're awesome
2) You matter
3) How to break out of an infinite loop on a UNIX-based system.

Penguicon 2020: The Year That Wil was just as much an attendee as I was.

Now for the hard part of Penguicon - actually creating the talk I signed up for.

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