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Feeling lost on Mastodon? Wondering what all of those timelines and options mean?

I did a video presentation about Mastodon for Michigan!/usr/group (

Here's the video if you're interested:

I'll be more than happy to help be your guide in this wild and wonderful world of Federation.

Registered for Penguicon 2020.

Can't believe it's already time to register for yet another year. Also that it's 2020 in two months.

Today is a day like any other day, although today is special because it is today.

So have a great today.

Sure, Disney can remake The Lion King, but wake me when they remake a live-action version of Hercules that can replicate that magnificent squared jaw-line.

If you're thinking of coming to the Programming Retrospective thing tomorrow, here's our general idea for a timeline...

Discussion re: programming tracks/responsibilities/potential changes from 11a-2p.

Then a discussion re: Sched and how to make it more functional from 2:30-4:30p.

Wrap up from 4:30-5

Bring. Your. Community.

It isn't going to grow itself.

Want to have a say in how the Programming side of Penguicon works? Or just curious how we make it happen? Come see the process as we re-vamp it, or give your input on how to make it better.

I think there's a Penguicon event horizon, which states that the number of people that you know that have volunteered for Penguicon will eventually suck you into ALL THE PENGUICON.


The first edition of Diaspora is free on itch for #FreeRPGDay. Let's make it all weekend.

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A way to access the Fediverse, for attendees of Penguicon, an annual convention of science fiction, open source software, and all geeky interests, in Southfield, Michigan, USA. Convention info: