Bring. Your. Community.

It isn't going to grow itself.

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@craigmaloney Problem being: I can't force people to come, and there's no compelling reason for them to come. Some of them did come, but we're a ways off from critical mass.

@wolfger @craigmaloney I suspect if this has a nice starter community going here by the next con, that may be a bigger deal. Have ops on here, announce room changes, get speakers to use it, etc, and maybe it'll grow from that organically. This particular Mastadon isn't a general purpose thing anyway (personally, I like separating this from other things I'm on anyway).

@wolfger @craigmaloney Quick example, at the ASD/Neurodiversity BoF I did, at the end we talked about forming a forum or mailing list or something, but at the time, because I didn't do anything ahead of time, it was just awkward "...I'll see what I can set up and get back to you". This year if/when I do the same thing, I can say "yeah here's my username on, you already have an account". I love that.

@mikeward @wolfger My hope is that this gets past the point where people aren't talking about the tech as much as the conversations they're having on it. :)

@craigmaloney @wolfger Yeah - that's the real thing. Otherwise it's just a bunch of nerds using a thing just for the idealism and not because it's actually good. Personally, while "taking over the world" is neat, all I really want is a viable alternative, specifically in that Penguicon can have its own thing, separate from the rest of my online socialization. I want to see a thriving community here of Penguicon people that I wouldn't otherwise keep in touch with.

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