Still looking for gaming panels and events for Penguicon 2021.

It doesn't have to be anything formal, it just needs to exist. 😁

Learn more at

(You can even suggest events that you aren't committed to present. Want to learn more about solo RPGs? What about gaming from different cultural perspectives? How about a history of board games? Whatever it is feel free to suggest and we'll try to make it happen.

(please share on other social media)

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(BTW: Our time zone is UTC-4, or Eastern Daylight Time (EDT))

@craigmaloney Any idea of the time frame for the happening on the various days. Like are we talking 10am–4pm or…?

@pilum Penguicon happens all weekend. It's 24 hours from beginning until we all fall over on Sunday.

@craigmaloney I was thinking in terms of panels and presentations and suchlike. At cons I've been to in the past those don't run all day, even though the con itself does. 😁

If I were to do a presentation on something it'd have to be during daytime in Europe. I'm a non-functioning mess at night. 😁

@pilum That's perfectly understandable. Under "Additional Information" please add that so we can schedule appropriately.

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