Hey, Penguicon 2022 is coming up on April 22nd-24th. It's going to be in-person with a online component. They need your help by purchasing badges and hotel rooms.

Learn more at 2022.penguicon.org/

Also huge shout-out to @davidrevoy who's artwork has given us life at . We're so grateful you made it out and provided us with such special gifts of your time and your art. Thank you!

Whew. What a ride. I finally got to log in after a busy day at .

I've posted links and slides for the presentations that I've done thus far at Penguicon. They're available here:


Hope you can make it tomorrow, or if not hope to see you at

What's that Craig?

Penguicon is this weekend?

Why, yes, it is, and have we got a line up of awesome folks for you to come visit:


It's not to late to register, but you'll want to make sure you register soon. Procrastinate on this and you'll miss out on all the great panels we have lined up:

Learn more at:


Pleased (*) to announce that @davidrevoy will be one of our guests of honor at Penguicon this year:


(*) Pleased is an understatement, but I have to keep some semblance of order around here.

Today is your absolute last-chance to submit programming for Penguicon 2021. There's always next year, but at the rate the world is going you might want to get in on this before it's too late.

Submit your programming here:


Pleased as punch to announce that Chris Crawford, legendary game designer, will be presenting at Penguicon 2021:


(And if anyone is wondering if this invitation is directed at them: if you are reading this consider the invitation extended.)

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Reminder if anyone is interested in presenting at Penguicon 2021 that submissions are due on April 9th. Give your procrastinating proclivities a pause and please our programming parliament by posting your panels promptly: 2021.penguicon.org/present-or-

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