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@Capheind You could propose a BoF to discuss why everything is wrong.

@Capheind Unless it's submitted in the panel form it doesn't exist. 😁

Reminder if anyone is interested in presenting at Penguicon 2021 that submissions are due on April 9th. Give your procrastinating proclivities a pause and please our programming parliament by posting your panels promptly:

@pilum That's perfectly understandable. Under "Additional Information" please add that so we can schedule appropriately.

@pilum Penguicon happens all weekend. It's 24 hours from beginning until we all fall over on Sunday.

Still looking for gaming panels and events for Penguicon 2021.

It doesn't have to be anything formal, it just needs to exist. 😁

Learn more at

(You can even suggest events that you aren't committed to present. Want to learn more about solo RPGs? What about gaming from different cultural perspectives? How about a history of board games? Whatever it is feel free to suggest and we'll try to make it happen.

(please share on other social media)

@matt That would be awesome. I know you'll have at least one participant for your talk. And perhaps we can do some more ad-hoc gaming rather than scheduled. That's in part why I'm focusing on getting designers to talk about their games, their process, and what-not. And perhaps we could do panels about specific types of games like solo RPGs / board games, adventure games, and the like.

@matt Right. I know with GenCon and Metatopia they had ways of handling games and playtesting that used tickets. Unfortunately I didn't participate with those because a) intimidated by the whole process, and b) my interests were more with the panels on game design. I could definitely use the help in navigating this space, because otherwise it's just going to be hours of me live-streaming Pixel knocking various games off of a table.

@matt If you think you can have something put together in the next week that would be awesome. Otherwise it'll need to be a little more ad-hoc. I'm willing to put them on the schedule with links to learn more, but time isn't on our side for something fancy. 😁

@matt I'd like to get that set up but my experience with Tabletop Simulator is rather limited. If you have ideas on how that might work I'd love to learn more. Doubly so if there's a walk-through on how to host and participate and what to expect.

Game Designers, Developers, Players, and Aficionados

Penguicon 2021 is looking for you to come present this year. The conference is from April 22nd to 25th (EDT).

Here is the 101 of Pengucon:

and here is our Code of Conduct:

We're looking for presentations from all stripes of gaming. Our theme this year is diversity and I'm looking to go beyond traditional games and game designers.

Help me find you

Next-week, I’ll be speaking at the online #LibrePlanet 2021 software freedom conference about the problem of fan arts. It will be epic, check it out!
Sunday 21 March, 10:10 to 10:55 EDT (15h10 Paris time)

Penguicon announces some of the Guests of Honor! "RPG designer and developer Leonard Balsera, Star Trek author and historian Larry Nemecek, and Information science expert Casey Fiesler will all be joining us for Virtual Penguicon 2021. Check out for more info."

@paulczege That's my current understanding. I'll reply with more details as I get them.

@paulczege Depends on the panelists and the software. They're using Jitsi so it's possible. I plan to record my panels using OBS as a participant.

Penguicon is happening on April 22nd-25th online.

We're looking for presentations in many different tracks. I'm heading up the gaming track, and I'm looking for folks who are game designers, video gamers, tabletop gamers, and the like.

Our theme this year is diversity and I'm hoping to draw a wide range of creators, designers, and players. But I need your help.

(edit: fixing bad dates from my poor memory)

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