Nice introduction at the Penguicon Planning Meeting. Thank you, @matt!

Sadly, Linux Journal is ceasing publication. Their web site will be online for a short period, but it’s not clear what will happen afterwards. I’d recommend downloading any articles you find useful soon at

Sad to see them go :-(

Software Developers looking for a new position in Southfield, Michigan 

BTW, everyone that pre-registered for Penguicon 2020 has been entered and typos checked by another pair of trusted eyes. Thanks to Allison, Karen, Elizabeth, Paul (our fearless leader of Reg in 2020, yay!), and our great Reg volunteers in 2019! Looking forward to 2020!

Have a some extra time in Germany? Come to Cuxhaven (high speed train available) and go to the Penguin Museum, along with the wonderful horse-drawn carriage ride to Neuwerk Island :-)

Thank you for setting this up, Matt! I am otw to Germany so I may be offline for a while, apologies. Cheers!

A way to access the Fediverse, for attendees of Penguicon, an annual convention of science fiction, open source software, and all geeky interests, in Southfield, Michigan, USA. Convention info: