Much fun at Penguicon 2023! Great work in 2023, Ska and all involved!

So looking forward to Bagel Garrison in 2024! Thank you for being Con Chair, Bagel! Cheers to your team.

Thank you, Penguicon Board and our awesome community!

Hi there! This is ACM, the world's largest computing society. As you might have noticed, we have opened not only our official #Mastodon account but also our own #instance!

Please consider joining, a community for #computing researchers & practitioners to connect & exchange ideas with each other, whether you are an ACM member or not.

You can use this link to join:

Spread the word with your friends and colleagues! Happy tooting!


From Lithie :)

We only need 10 more rooms (20 room nights on Friday & Saturday night) to make our contractual room block. We can do this!

Our room block closes on April 15th. You can book your room here:

Special request form on web site.

This year we have 5 room parties being held on Friday and Saturday nights! You’ll want to stay in the hotel so you can safely enjoy the parties and easily get “home” to your room!

Lithie Dubois - she/her

From Lithie, Penguicon 2023: Our Writer's Block Bookstore Application is now accepting responses for scheduling. Visit: To learn more and apply!

Yesterday's Penguicon 2023 Con Com meeting was very detailed and overall awesome! The Sched and so many other areas are coming together really nicely. Some of us are printing this weekend although overall we are reducing our environmental footprint. Ska's notes will be out soon along with reminders about Hotel (staying at the Westin is the best way to experience the convention especially given the later night programming!) and registering. Have a great day! Happy Easter to those that celebrate!

Lithie -Hotel/ProgramOps (she):
Hello @everyone Penguicon Community! Questions have been asked about our hotel room block. I have some answers!

Here is our latest updates:

Currently we have 451 Room nights booked.

We need 540 room nights to complete the Block.

We need to fill our room block,
so book those rooms.

We are extending our Room Block Reservations Link until Friday, April 15th. So please, book your rooms now. Encourage others to book rooms.

From Ska: Penguicon is pleased to welcome Sylvia Hubbard, joining us this year as a GoH!

Award-winning Detroit Author & Founder of Motown Writers, Sylvia Hubbard has independently published over 55 dark romance and intriguing suspense stories. As an avid blogger, podcaster, social media manager & digital strategist, Sylvia has received literary recognition for her literacy work, plus has had eight #1 Bestsellers. She is also a speaker, literary encouragement doula & busy mompreneur expert.

Great update: Amy (Communications) she/her — Today at 11:04 AM
We are starting to hit some deadlines as we speed toward Penguicon 2023! Can you believe it’s less than six weeks away??

Submit programming! Submissions close on March 17.

Book a hotel room - The hotel block closes on April 1. PLEASE use our Hotel Block to make reservations:

Register - the sooner the better so we can plan and prepare.


On Women’s Day we call for equal opportunities for women and other under-represented groups. To thrive we need women in technology and in Free Software, both as developers and as part of our movement.

Each day you get another chance to make a difference, ease some pain, share some laughter, say you love someone, and be loved in return.

To pass up those opportunities is heinous -- because, eventually, our days stop coming. What remains then are the differences we made, the people whose lives are a little better because of what we did, and those who loved us and were loved by us.

Don't bet on "someday." Carpe diem.

This image is a panel from EFF’s new comic, Coded Resistance: How Black Communities Fought Against Surveillance — a collaboration with Nib and comic artist Chelsea Saunders, based on a post by EFF’s Director of Engineering, Alexis Hancock. Check it out here:

Had some storm-related tree damage at my house from the past two storms, but no lasting harm done. Will be away for a bit while the contractors safely work and clear up my neighbor’s tree and my two. I am really grateful that my neighbor’s tree just needs to be trimmed, as she loves that one in particular.

Many people around here and elsewhere in the world are suffering from major weather impacts. Please keep them in your thoughts. I was lucky.

this is incredible. Hanging solar panels a few meters above crops of tomatoes and jalapeños multiplied their yield 2-3x, used substantially less water, controlled temperatures, and increased the output of the solar panels #science #solar #environment #agriculture

Eight days left on my Kickstarter.

You can both get a deal on my new collection, help me bring said collection into the world, and even grab a Kickstarter-exclusive leather-cased edition!

Because seriously, that's one bad-ass leather case. You will never find another book with so many rats on it.

I honestly had no idea the lovely PINBALL CONSTRUCTION SET by Bill Budge, had a Macintosh port by Bob Upshaw. We have it emulated at the archive now.

A Southerner is visiting so Michigan had to throw ice, cold, high winds, and ”little to no accumulation” of snow this morning. Oops 🌨️

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