@kernelsnarky Would love for you to actively become involved and help turn up the open source registration platform (FYI, I already use Nextcloud, and have used it for Registration since Paul gave me access shortly after Penguicon 2019). I cannot influence much on Jitsi as I do not run panels and meetings, but happy to take that forward as well. Glad to have you involved! This is a great time to do platform changes. Please join us, reach out to board@penguicon.org to get on the notifications!

@autumn It is a good point. I occasionally scan what is going on in the Public Timeline as that often leads to people I wish to follow.

Thank you, all involved, for a successful Penguicon 2022! I enjoyed working with my Registration Team and seeing so many people. Hopefully the pandemic will recede further for the next one! Cheers to you all!

“Computer People” need technical support sometimes, too. This morning my hot water was coming out tepid. I went downstairs to find the controller on the unit was flashing error code “61”. Well, that code is not in the manual, go figure (change management, anyone?). Power cycled it and it is working great, and in the meantime I reached out to the manufacturer via a Twitter DM.

Sometimes rebooting works 🙂 Follow through, though, just in case!

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year! Let’s make 2022  a healthy, caring, peaceful year together. Best wishes to  your family, those around you, and you!

I am really blessed to have wonderful neighbors! One of them took a while to become friendly but now her and I get along great. I have come to appreciate she has had a lot of tough challenges in life but has thrived and is an amazing lady!

Relationships take patience and effort. We all have our warts and rough spots (I have more than most). Thank you for the patience and effort 🙂

My car dealer sent me the “winter preparedness” checklist early this morning. Like stores getting ready for holiday shopping, it seems like it happens earlier each year, haha!

Have a great week no matter the weather and be safe!

@Algot Thank you as well! We are fortunate in SE Michigan to have a few great conventions. Penguicon remains unique and I enjoy participating. I am indeed near Detroit, but work and personal travel is (carefully) notching upward, so I am often away. Great to see all the creativity here! Thank you for all you do!

This is great advice! I am very grateful to my family and those that were around me when I was younger, as nearly always, they encouraged me to try things early on. Sometimes the failures were spectacular but they grinned and moved on. It helps me to this day, and it is a great way to “pay it forward” in life.


One benefit of continued work-at-home, for my colleagues at least, is not being subjected to blasts of my focus music when I accidentally run out of Bluetooth range. This morning, between meetings, I was listening to a mix of electronic dance music, and that would have likely annoyed my former IT colleagues nearby!

I only annoyed… my cats.

Have a super week!

It took me a while to get to it, but it brought tears. We lost so many 2019-2021, and the pandemic is not over. Let’s not forget what we are able to do together to be more sustainable instead of returning to our old ways.


@mwlucas Thank you for shipping _Only Footnotes1_ and _TLS Mastery_! The footnotes are so fun to scan, but I think I need to wind down a bit more from Penguicon before trying to put the wisdom in TLS Mastery to work, haha!

Thank you for the great readings and presentations at Virtual Penguicon 2021. I really appreciate all you do!

Virtual Penguicon 2021 Registration is closed down. Thank you for all that participated! Cheers to all the participants, presenters, volunteers, Staff, Con Com, and Penguicon Board for all the hard work!

Here is the 'Penguin Wizard' of my #Krita workshop at #Penguicon 2021, and also the two live doodles inspired by discussions and good time in the virtual lobby room. A lot of fun! Details and description on my blog: davidrevoy.com/article837/

Alternate title: "Men who had power to stop themselves from being relieved of their power upset that tech companies said: 'Thanks. We'll take it from here'"


Whew. What a ride. I finally got to log in after a busy day at .

I've posted links and slides for the presentations that I've done thus far at Penguicon. They're available here:


Hope you can make it tomorrow, or if not hope to see you at

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