They Might Be Giants is one of my favorite groups and also one of Weird Al's, apparently. I knew that Everything You Know Is Wrong is a pastiche of TMBG's music, and I agree it sounds like them, but I couldn't say exactly what song it reminds me of. I spent an hour listening to a podcast where the hosts break down themes and references in this one song and there are many! Fun to dig in.

I wish macOS would stop propting me to upgrade to the latest version, which is not supported on this device.

Obsessing over saving $50 on seasonal sales while I continue to put off some phone calls that could save me more every month

I'm building a gaming PC for the first time in about a decade and the last piece to arrive is going to be a digital artifact with a license key 😏

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I ordered some consumer software in a box, and the first delivery attempt failed. Sort of wishing I'd just downloaded a copy, but moreso wishing my doorbell was functional.

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