Played a team game of pipes, then the new electronics edition of operation while drinking a cup of wonderful and playing with power tools. Followed by a round of network security trivia. Thank you @matt for a great start to the day.

pictured: members taking a quick snooze between reet fits

@Bagel3000 Event info and zoom link for this weekend's concom meeting?

@matt So should I wait for another pastebin url so I can tailor the resume or just send it in as is? Also where am I sending it?

The right to legally own and carry firearms is important. Do not rely on government to protect you, they can't. Almost all gun crimes are committed with illegally obtained/carried firearms.

Let the flame wars begin. Which is the superior cli text editor?

Burning Man charity that helps those who have or are dealing with cancer make it to the burn.

@matt why am I redirected to the custom css after signing in...?

Found our state flower in bloom in a tree in a darkened back alley of shady Royal Oak last night.

Yes lets use a sawzaw inches away from the gas line feeding the generator the size of a small buss, in the dark (well I had a flash light). Why do I volunteer for stuff like this? 😌

Squeaky wheel here again, zoom links on mastodon would be fantastic 👌
@Bagel3000 @JessicaAnn

👀 We have some questions about our documentation.

We can't maintain all translations up to date.
We are wondering if we should just remove all translations & keep the english one OR keep all of them but not up to date...

What do you think? 🤔

It's on July 13th, at 11am - 5pm.
4815 Delemere Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48073, USA

For all those seeking an alternative to icrap and spydroid phones. Here is a fully FOSS option that is slated to be available Q4 this year.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, congratulations to @Bagel3000 on being elected Conchair for Penguicon 2020!

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