what to install on me server

@kura I would recommend CentOS or Fedora, cockpit is fantastic and only getting better. Then again for anything serious I always default to RHEL/CentOS/Fedora so take the suggestion as you will

@kernelsnarky did they switch away from rpm`?

because i dont like rpm. at all.
@kernelsnarky also cokcpit looks like a webinterface - something i dont want.

@kura They still use RPM and yes cockpit is a web interface. However DNF is amazing and way faster than apt or even pacman (at least in my experience). Why do you not like RPM? My curiosity is peaked

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@kernelsnarky because it was always way slower then apt and pacman. only portage was slower.

and since then i just didnt like it.

just a preference of taste.
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