"Vee are nihilists! Vee beleef in nahsink, Lebowski!"

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A new episode of the Fluidity : "190-Proof Nihilism vs Lite Nihilism" Nihilism says nothing means anything—but no one actually believes that. Lite nihilism weakens the claim, to make it plausible.
meaningness.com/nihilism-hardc meaningness.com/190-proof-nihi ...

A new episode of the Fluidity : "Nihilism" Nihilism is the wrong idea that nothing is meaningful, based on the accurate realization that there is no external, eternal source of meaning. meaningness.com/nihilism ... fluidity.libsyn.com/nihilism

A new episode of the Fluidity : "Rumcakes and Rainbows" The author has moved the chapter of the book we'll read in today's episode. The chapter now belongs earlier in the book than where we are. It belongs between episode 16, "Meaningfulness", and episode 17, "Eternalism". So, I'm going to back up and read this chapter now, out of order. Meaning cannot be either objective or subjective. But meaning does exist: as interaction. meaningness.com/objective-subj ... fluidity.libsyn.com/rumcakes-a

A new episode of the Fluidity : "Developing ethical, social, & cognitive competence"


Taking a break from narrating Meaningness to read an important foundational essay by the author of Meaningness, David Chapman. An overview of the work of psychologist Robert Kegan, a scholar of adult cognitive development. This essay has become very useful for how I see the situations of my own life, & I'm excited to finally share it with you.


A new episode of the Fluidity : "Accomplishing And Exiting Eternalism"

'Accomplishing eternalism would would mean knowing the meaning of everything, and acting accordingly. This is impossible, because there are no fixed meanings. meaningness.com/accomplishing-

Learning skills for escaping the grip of eternalism—the delusion that everything is meaningful. meaningness.com/after-eternali

A new episode of the Fluidity : "Eternalist Systems" Systems such as religions and political ideologies reinforce eternalism. They dispel doubt by denying nebulosity. ... fluidity.libsyn.com/eternalist

@pluralistic What do you think of these five US House Big Tech antitrust bills?

"Platform Anti-Monopoly Act"

"Ending Platform Monopolies Act"

"Augmenting Compatibility and Competition by Enabling Service Switching Act of 2021. A.K.A. ACCESS Act of 2021."

"Merger Filing Fee Modernization Act of 2021"

"Platform Competition and Opportunity Act"


Back on the laser cutter again after an extended pandemic absence. This new laser cutter is an enormous improvement on the last one!

A new episode of the Fluidity : "Eternalism Is Harmful" Eternalism -- belief in fixed meanings -- makes promises it can't keep. It makes us do stupid, crazy, evil things. And we still love it and keep going back for more. ... fluidity.libsyn.com/eternalism

@matt @June Hi, I'm using Krita for peppercarrot.com/ and Inkscape. Both are multi-platform and Free/Libre and Open-Source (they are run by non-profit org, based on donation and code is open to volunteer).

I also share my Linux install receipe here: davidrevoy.com/article783/kubu

Good luck −I was a Photoshop teacher 10years ago− and switching to another tool often mean doing many compromises. I hope you'll find features attractive enough on alternatives to ease adaptation and make it fun.

A new episode of the Fluidity : "Eternalism As The Only Salvation From Nihilism" This episode contains the final page of "The Appeal Of Eternalism". Eternalism's final promise is to keep nihilism at bay. There is a better alternative to both! ... fluidity.libsyn.com/eternalism

boost from birdsite, Android tip 

boosting thread twitter.com/di_codes/status/13

1/ Thinking today about how important it is to be able to record video instantly, how many steps it takes on most phones, and how precious those seconds could be.

I found an easy shortcut on Android that I hadn't seen elsewhere and thought I'd share.

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SCOTUS got it (mostly) right here. They vindicated Aaron Swartz and all the other victims who were bullied, silenced and terrorized by the CFAA. They took a huge step towards undoing one of Ronald Reagan's many idiocies.

Van Buren should be punished for corruption - under anti-corruption law, not under a definition of hacking so broad that it captures normal activities we all engage in several times, every day.


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A surprise treasure arrived - made by my Mum!

I think she was eager to make the game's first fan-art - I reckon she got it pretty spot on Ok hand

It'll be by my desk as I work on the game from now on.

This is almost as funny as the optical character recognition which thought the "rm" in "arms" was "nu".

I'll leave it to you to fill in the "rm" -> "nu" replacement in these passages from Jane Austen novels:

""When she spotted me, she flung her **ARMS* high in the air and kept them up until she reached me. 'Matisse. Oh boy!' she said. She grabbed my *ARMS** and positioned my body in the direction of the east gallery and we started walking."

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"The user may look into the ball, concentrate on any place or object, and cause the iwizard of the place or object to appear."

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Writers. Editors. Only you can prevent a dawizard. In 1994, an editor performed a find-and-replace on a 16-page section of the D&D Supplement Encyclopedia Magica, to replace all instances of "mage" with "wizard".

"The tower can absorb 200 points of dawizard before collapsing. Dawizard sustained is cumulative, and the fortress cannot be repaired (although a wish restores 10 points of dawizard sustained)."

I hope y'all enjoy June being Pride.

As an author, I'm waiting for July as Wrath, and August as Sloth.

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