On behalf of the Board of Directors, congratulations to @Bagel3000 on being elected Conchair for Penguicon 2020!

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Also, it is with great pleasure that we announce does not have to move to Mother's Day weekend after all. The hotel reserved our traditional weekend of May 1 through 3!

@matt Is this official? I heard elsewhere it was the last weekend of April again?

@mwlucas Yes, this is official. May 1 through 3 is closer to the end of April than April 24 through 26.

@matt Whew! I already have a conference on Mother's Day 2020, and one in early April.

Wow. I'm scheduling events a year out. How did my life go so wrong? :flan_think:

@matt @Bagel3000 @mwl Right after my Birthday! Nice present, if belated. Thank you for the update, Matt!

@matt @Bagel3000 @jdmarraccini aaagh. I just booked something for that weekend. 😞

Let me see if we can reschedule...

@mwl I'm crossing every single one of my fingers. And a few other people's fingers besides.

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