On behalf of the Board of Directors, congratulations to @Bagel3000 on being elected Conchair for Penguicon 2020!


Also, it is with great pleasure that we announce does not have to move to Mother's Day weekend after all. The hotel reserved our traditional weekend of May 1 through 3!

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@matt Is this official? I heard elsewhere it was the last weekend of April again?

@mwlucas Yes, this is official. May 1 through 3 is closer to the end of April than April 24 through 26.

@matt Whew! I already have a conference on Mother's Day 2020, and one in early April.

Wow. I'm scheduling events a year out. How did my life go so wrong? :flan_think:

@matt @Bagel3000 @mwl Right after my Birthday! Nice present, if belated. Thank you for the update, Matt!

@matt @Bagel3000 @jdmarraccini aaagh. I just booked something for that weekend. 😞

Let me see if we can reschedule...

@mwl I'm crossing every single one of my fingers. And a few other people's fingers besides.

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