The move was supposed to be done on Monday of last week. We could not access the new house when promised; and so, all our stuff is in two storage cubes. My roommates and I are living out of suitcases in the homes of friends. Clearing out the old house was twice as much work as anyone expected.

Every day for almost two weeks, my life has been on hold for moving. For more than a week, almost every day is: work at the old house, work at the new house, work at Heather's house where I'm staying.

I hired a cleaner to help get the new house ready for occupancy from the way the previous residents left it. To put it bluntly, I guess at some point they became squatters. It got bad.

On Saturday, I'll move our stuff out of two storage cubes and into the new house. I'm missing GenCon because this is taking so much longer than expected. But my life can stop being on hold every day.


Does one of you have a vacuum cleaner I could borrow for a few days for the new house? We hope to get the initial vacuuming done before moving all the stuff in, and unpacking. Ideally we could borrow a carpet shampooer, too.

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