@elplatt @craigmaloney @mwl @Ahuka Are you still interested in doing the Fediverse panel for Virtual ?

@cwebber are there any adjustments or expansions we could make to the topic that could persuade you to join us?

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@craigmaloney @matt @mwl Annnnd still eternally behind on things, but now I'll respond, lol. I can do a panel if it's using something I can easily connect to that it isn't Zoom ;)

What's the platform you're thinking? Does Jitsi Meet work?

@cwebber @matt @mwl I've been using Jitsi Meet these past few meetings (Michigan!/usr/group had their first virtual meeting) that would totally work. The only caveat is that you can't turn off screen sharing, so if someone starts sharing their screen it'll take over focus for everyone, so you'll need to be vigilant about it.

@craigmaloney @matt @mwl Ooop... I think I'm going to pass on speculating on what Twitter might do :)

@craigmaloney @matt @mwl I can be on the panel if you want my commentary on the broader strokes AP stuff, as well as what I think would be a good idea for twitter to do, but I'm not going to address that particular topic in depth :)

@craigmaloney @matt @mwl Which is to say, I don't want ot say what I think they're doing... I'd rather discuss what I think they *should* do, if that makes sense :)

@cwebber @matt @mwl I think that's what we're looking for: prognostication is more fun when you take reality out of the equation (e.g.: the fun-ruiner answer is "Twitter will ignore the Fediverse until they don't".

@cwebber @matt @mwl If you'd like to present your other presentations virtually please feel free to fill out the form in the link I sent. I'd love to see Spritley et al demonstrated at Pengucon.

@cwebber @matt @mwl Naturally my one panel on the History of Atari is opposite the User Freedom panel, but such is Penguicon.

@matt @craigmaloney @mwl Hi! Oops/erk, I'll try to get to that email tonight. I was in a crunch and I'm catching up...

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