New Twice-Weekly Goal

As you can see on the Patreon Page, I've created a new pledge level Goal of $75 per month. At that goal, I can post two episodes per week. I'll continue to aim for posting one on Sundays, and I plan to release the other episode of each week on Thursdays.

If we keep the posting rate at 1 episode per week, we would be done with the audiobook around the first week of December.


If we met the goal in the next few days, and accelerate the episode rate to twice a week, we would be done around the first week of October.

Let's say you're contributing $3 a month; if you were to keep it that way, and if we don't reach the new goal, Patreon will charge you at the start of August, September, October, November, and December. That's $15. Now let's say 6 of you increase your pledge by $2 per month, and we reach the new goal.


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You're now contributing $5 at the start of August, September, and October. That's still a total of $15, but this way, as the audiobook reaches a final crescendo of climactic resolutions and plot-twist revelations, it arrives twice as often.

As you can see from that math, by the time I run out of chapters to narrate, it works out to more or less the same total amount of money for me.


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(A little less, because I'll pay a $5 charge each time I exceed my LibSyn storage limit.) I'm doing this because (for the moment) I work from home, and have salvaged some time which used to be spent commuting. There's no telling when I will be required to go back into the office; so I figured, now is the time to complete this audiobook. I'm also doing this because some of my other non-employment responsibilities have become less time-sensitive.


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I'm flexible to keep plugging away at those other responsibilities un-changed, and take the podcast week-by-week. If you prefer that, it's fine. Or I could devote more time to recording, for two months. I would enjoy sending this content out to you.


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