A new episode of the I narrate, UNSONG. "Chapter 61: And Ololon Said, Let Us Descend Also, And Let Us Give Ourselves To Death In Ulro Among The Transgressors" <p>"Midnight falls in the Garden of the Gods, and Robin West stands alone beneath the cold stars."</p> <p>This is a serialized story narrated by Matt Arnold with the permission of the author, Scott Alexander. The original text is here:</p> <p><a href= "unsongbook.com/chapter-61-and- ... unsong.libsyn.com/chapter-61-a


I use If This Then That (IFTTT) to automatically post here when I post an entry to my podcast. IFTTT has a great new feature that lets me give it a script to change the content before posting it; this lets me extract much more of the actual post so I can fit as much as possible into 500 characters.

I see now that it doesn't strip out the HTML tags. That's why it looks like what you see here. I have now fixed it; we'll see what happens on Thursday when the next episode releases!

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