You may recall I finished the 17 remaining chapters of the audiobook I've been narrating. I have had a buffer of months, so that's been great. Yesterday, the final chapter went up on my Patreon for advance listeners.

I just finished an hour-long retrospective episode. According to my time tracker, I have been writing, reworking, and editing this episode for almost 18 total hours in my text editor alone, to say nothing of the audio editor.


It includes an interview with the author, announcements of the future of the podcast, book recommendations, my reflections on the themes of the novel, the ability to change the world, finding patterns where none exist, random acts of violence, and despair. It also includes a very personally vulnerable account of how the novel makes me feel about the historical development of this century so far, the position of my life within that, and the place of you and I and each other.

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The discussion of these themes may interest you, even if you plan to never read the book. Be advised; trigger warnings about violence and depression. You could join my Patreon for a dollar, listen when it posts on Sunday, and then quit the Patreon. :)
For the rest of this year, the further episodes will be my favorite short stories from the same author, which I have been looking forward to.

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