I love to create websites with static site generators (SSGs). The main drawback, compared to Wordpress, is that non-technical members of my organizations can't edit a static site from their web browser like they can with Wordpress. Forestry.io lets non-technical end-users do that, while allowing me to maintain all the advantages of a SSG. That's what I used for the 2020 virtual North American Science Fiction Convention, and the upcoming virtual Capricon 2021.

Unfortunately, it was only affordable because those organizations only needed it to last for about a month. Finally I found out that GitLab Pages builds in an end-user-friendly editor. Not as extensive as Forestry, but for some sites, it doesn't need to be. And also unlike Forestry, it doesn't break the bank, because it's free. When someone attempts to edit the website, it's submitted to the GitLab repository as a pull request.

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And so, I threw together a site for the Penguicon Board Of Directors for year-over-year information, as a proof of concept. If we decide to go with it, we would move it to a proper domain.


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