I ordered blank, unprinted game boxes to store my prototypes, and ship them to reviewers. Also I need to rebox some games whose boxes are completely destroyed. This is more than I need, but they're sold by the case. I figure I might sell some at Protospiel or board game conventions or something?

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Here's one of the boxes with my Carcassonne with several expansions. Its original box broke down completely over almost two decades.

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@matt My M:TG 4-lane card boxes are basically the same as they were when I built them 25 years ago (except soft corners) because I used packing tape meticulously over the entire bottom and top.

It seems like card boxes, which assemble through unfolding, are easy to find for sale individually, compared to the rigid boxes usually associated with board games. Have you found that to be the case?

@matt 100%, I've never seen blank rigid boxes like this for sale.

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