Writers. Editors. Only you can prevent a dawizard. In 1994, an editor performed a find-and-replace on a 16-page section of the D&D Supplement Encyclopedia Magica, to replace all instances of "mage" with "wizard".

"The tower can absorb 200 points of dawizard before collapsing. Dawizard sustained is cumulative, and the fortress cannot be repaired (although a wish restores 10 points of dawizard sustained)."

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"The user may look into the ball, concentrate on any place or object, and cause the iwizard of the place or object to appear."

This is almost as funny as the optical character recognition which thought the "rm" in "arms" was "nu".

I'll leave it to you to fill in the "rm" -> "nu" replacement in these passages from Jane Austen novels:

""When she spotted me, she flung her **ARMS* high in the air and kept them up until she reached me. 'Matisse. Oh boy!' she said. She grabbed my *ARMS** and positioned my body in the direction of the east gallery and we started walking."

"She flew to him and took him in her **ARMS**."

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