On this episode of the Fluidity : The Varieties Of Special Meaning, Part 7 - 180 Proof

This concludes the section on the varieties of nihilistic special meaning.

Thanks to Sarah Elkins and Bruce Webber for performing roles in this episode's scripted section!

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In the first part of this episode: No meaning without proof.

A stubborn nihilist can always just refuse to admit that anything is meaningful.

In the second part of this episode: Scientific rationality has proven: everything is meaningless. An event everyone thinks they remember, but never happened. Science disproved religious theories of meaning, but not meaning itself.

In the third part of this episode: No meaning from the Big Bang.

Everything was meaningless at the moment of the Big Bang. What could add meaning after that?

In the fourth part of this episode: No meaning for mortals.

Your future death does not make your present meaningless.

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