Here we are, listeners. We have completed "Meaningness."

These episodes have been narrating sections of Meaningness which were written during the narration of Meaningness And Time. The remainder of Meaningness has already aired. If you are new to the podcast, it picks up from here at the episode aired on Aug 4, 2021, titled "The Complete Stance".

On our next episode, we will begin "In The Cells Of The Eggplant", by David Chapman, published at An exciting milestone. Thank you for coming with me!

On the first part of this episode of the Fluidity : Miserabilism tastes like nihilism.

“Miserabilism” is the stance that everything is awful. It's confused with nihilism because both entail rage and depression.

On the second part of this episode: Nihilistic anxiety opens into play.

Anxiety is a natural reaction to uncertainty. In nihilism, pervasive loss of meaning makes everything uncertain; existential angst is a response.


In the third part of this episode: Sartre’s ghost and the corpse of God.

Existentialism, a hopeful alternative to rigid meanings, makes wrong metaphysical assumptions, and cannot work. It collapses inevitably into nihilism.

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