In this bonus episode of the Fluidity , an interview with David Chapman about Fluidity Forum, a gathering we're planning for 2023.

We'll also discuss new events I've attended recently:

Critical Rationalism Weekend in Philadelphia

The conversations that have started to excite me the most are intermediate scales between the individual & the world:

- not-for-profit projects, activities & events, such as maker spaces, druid groves, science fiction conventions, local Burning Man events, open source software projects, Mastodon or Discord servers, board game/role playing groups, and Vibecamp

- co-housing and intentional communities

- scenes, where “scenius” emerges

- subcultures & subsocieties

Do those intermediate scales supply a path for personal change to bring about system change? When a small community implements a change that is un-scalable beyond its size, it’s like a sand castle. The world’s systems act like an ocean that soon washes it away. What can scale the local to the global, the temporary to the self-perpetuating?


We also discuss this article by Hanzi Freinacht about the "3H" population: Hackers, Hipsters, and Hippies.

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