It's time I admitted this. Hell is half-empty & half the devils are here.

I've run this Mastodon instance since 2019. This server is lovely. Mastodon's Federated timeline has now become what I used to avoid Twitter for.

Ironically, I can't shut it off, because as an admin, stemming the toxic firehose is literally my job.

@matt If that was simple venting, then *hugs*. Action- oriented 1 2 3: 1) Do you want us to move to other instances so you can shut it down?
2) Would you like donations for the instance (maintenance & administration)?
3) Would you like help, and if so, do you have ~moderator instructions and/ or ways to help a little bit (or is only a little help more trouble (steering/ instructing) than it's worth)? No rush on reply.

1. No, I'm happy that this server exists.

2. I have no problem continuing paying for it. I'm not saying "don't contribute funds", but no amount of money addresses the issue.

3. Help would be good, and is certainly just as needed now as ever, but no amount of spreading the workload addresses the issue.


@Configures What would address the issue the most would be to expand the Code Of Conduct. I wrote our CoC to specifically limit the amount of bile being spewed, but only the pattern of bile we saw constantly spewed in the 2010s. It is not able to address the bile spewed back by those who hate the original bile-spewers; that conduct is, arguably, *protected* under the CoC as it exists.

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@Configures But this is a Penguicon instance, and revising the CoC is a question for the convention. It's unlikely to succeed, because the way in which the CoC needs to be expanded to address the issue would be at odds with the prevailing culture within post-2015/2016 fandom.

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