It's time I admitted this. Hell is half-empty & half the devils are here.

I've run this Mastodon instance since 2019. This server is lovely. Mastodon's Federated timeline has now become what I used to avoid Twitter for.

Ironically, I can't shut it off, because as an admin, stemming the toxic firehose is literally my job.

You want to know the irony? I stayed away from Twitter from its inception until 2020, when I joined Twitter to engage in conversations with the authors I'm narrating in my audiobook. To my delight, I discovered Twitter's algorithm seems to work well to surround me with what I want.

Twitter is where I go to escape Mastodon.


@skipfordj I would be willing to do that. Are you expressing interest? If so, I should bring Paul Keyes into that conversation, since he's a co-admin.

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@matt Interest, yes. Unsure if I have the chops, but definitely interest.

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