This music camp offered glasses, with which one could see a psychedelic 3D effect in the glowing string art, which was festooned on this tower.

@skennedy got this portrait of himself which an artist created out of a log with a chainsaw.

The artist was dismantling her exhibit, called The Witch's Garden, and said that my parade puppet could take one of her jack-o'-lanterns.

This laser light show sculpture was exhibited at the campsite of the Canadian contingent.

I drew this henna tattoo as the r-pentomeno from Conway's Game of Life.

Yesterday I finished threading my parade puppet with electroluminescent wire.

My parade puppet is almost done. Here's a PVC pipe that I mounted to a lumbar belt to serve as the harness.

@sashakovich This is how well my thumbnail has held up since you applied it on Friday. I have no idea how long something like this is supposed to last.

Peter Mohrbacher is inventing and painting hundreds of celestial characters to form his own angel encylopedia.

I made this to represent the roller coaster day I have had while preparing to volunteer next week at Michigan's local Burning Man.

I made this variant of Mahjong in college as an attempt to teach myself the Japanese alphabet. These days it hangs on my wall.

The parade puppet is coming along. Next I need to get one of those weight belts for a harness.

Floor plans mounted to the wall for how to organize the expansion at i3 Detroit hacker space.

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