Working on a game design that I plan to present at Penguicon. This is the exhibition version, not the publishable version.

Past Penguicon Guest of Honor Ada Palmer has finished writing "Perhaps The Stars"! This is the fourth and final novel in the "Terra Ignota" series which began with "Too Like The Lighting", for which she won an Astounding* Award for Best New Science Fiction Author.

* (formerly named the John W Campbell award)

************** I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS **************

One year ago today, I played my "Overworld" with Amy and Kevin, and we were photobombed by Dana.

A new painterly rendering of the cartoon mascot, by @scoots

i3Detroit cleared its $50,000 fundraising goal! Because we cleared $50K, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation will give us an additional $50K! We can fit out our doubled floor space with a fire surpressant system, a firewall, and other upgrades. is now running Mastodon v3.0.0 release candidate 2. Now with trending hashtags!

This music camp offered glasses, with which one could see a psychedelic 3D effect in the glowing string art, which was festooned on this tower.

@skennedy got this portrait of himself which an artist created out of a log with a chainsaw.

The artist was dismantling her exhibit, called The Witch's Garden, and said that my parade puppet could take one of her jack-o'-lanterns.

This laser light show sculpture was exhibited at the campsite of the Canadian contingent.

I drew this henna tattoo as the r-pentomeno from Conway's Game of Life.

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