Working on a game design that I plan to present at Penguicon. This is the exhibition version, not the publishable version.

A new episode of the I narrate. "UNSONG Audiobook - Chapter 31: The Foundation Of Empire"

Do any of you have the poles from a dome tent, which you don't mind giving away? I want to suspend a Hoberman Sphere from the tent poles, and play a board game on it. That's one of those jointed unfolding balls you buy in a science museum gift shop.

i realized the moment i feel into the fissure
that my browser history would not be destroyed as i had planned

A new episode of the I narrate. "UNSONG Audiobook- Chapter 31: The Foundation Of Empire"

A new episode of the I narrate. "UNSONG Audiobook-- Chapter 29: He Who Respects The Infant's Faith"

Our Mastodon site is crashing every day. I have a guess as to why-- it might have something to do with the experimental image storage I signed up for. I have a few things to try first, but if none of them work I plan to roll back the experimental image storage and see if that fixes it.

Advice I would give my younger self: if someone has a reputation for fighting for a cause you believe in, that says nothing about whether they are a kind person. If you meet or interact with them, it will go as well as if you met someone at random you've never heard of.

If someone has a reputation for kindness, then meeting them will probably go well. I've never regretted meeting someone after a person I trust said of them "Wow person xyz is the nicest, kindest human being I know."

#mallutweeps ഒക്കെ ഗുയ്‌സ് പൊങ്കാല തുടങ്ങിക്കോ

I and my co-workers are in costume today. One of them dressed in a suit.

"What are you dressed as?" Before he could answer, someone said "An unemployed software developer."

It's funny because it's true.

While reading the "Broken Earth" trilogy, I think about Minecraft constantly. This might sound like a facile comparison, as if to say the novels are a little more than simplistic Lego bricks. But to the contrary. The novels emotionally inform my experience of the game. The comparison dignifies one rather than diminishing the other.

When it comes to Microsoft (Visual Studio, TFS, ASP, and the .NET ecosystem, among other things), I find myself in an awkward position.

1. I have unknown unknowns. I don't know what I don't know.

2. My colleagues have "the curse of expertise". They don't know what to teach me, because they have forgotten what it was like to not know.

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