hello mastodon! long time no see :blobcatcoffee: hope everyone is fine, those days are kinda difficult for a lot.. courage! things will get better :blobcat:

I share a drawings with colors today. I'm still searching a style with color.

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No one knows exactly what happened there, but it's likely that Wannacry's method for figuring out if it was in the Matrix or not was to try to contact a nonexistent website.

If the website answered, it would assume it was running in a researcher's test system and it would cease to function - so when Hutchins put up his webserver, every Wannacry instance on Earth decided it was under scrutiny and ceased all activity.


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There has never been a more urgent moment for medical Right to Repair. Not only can we not afford to spare a single ventilator that can be pressed into service, but the pandemic has also eliminated manufacturers' routine service for OTHER machines.


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The DRM Medtronic uses means that even if you swap a working monitor from a ventilator with a broken breathing unit to a ventilator with a broken monitor and a working breathing unit, the system will refuse to operate.



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@murph The latter. Suppose I empty out a pinball machine chassis, removing the pinball playing surface and the glass.

Then I would remove the exterior (other than the top and the door) of a small oven, and install it in the pinball machine chassis.

Perhaps instead of an oven, I should use a small microwave oven and some electric range burners on top.

Now I can cook dinner accompanied by the sound effects & lights of The Addams Family, Elvira, KISS, or whichever machine I can find.

Can I safely build an oven with range top, into a pinball machine?

A web developer falls asleep in a train. As the train goes and each car's wheels make the characteristic double thud, the developer has a nightmare:

what I am doing while my neural networks all retrain because I forgot to clip the gradients again so training exploded:

#introductions a big influx of medical people has just arrived; we could really do with access to things like Lancet/British Medical Journal and our Royal College RSS feeds - can anyone help us get them going? like a newsbot?

@commandlinekid sorry to ask, a group of doctors have landed here from twitter. A couple of us code python but can't get the bots to mirror our medica journal's/societies twitter feeds properly which is what we need access to. How did you make yours?

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