A new episode of the Fluidity : "The Big Three Stance Combinations" Dualism, nihilism, and monism are the three main approaches to fundamental questions of meaning. This book proposes a better, fourth alternative. This begins the third section of Meaningness, "Doing Meaning Better". href= "meaningness.com/big-three-stan">meaningness.com/big-three-stan ... fluidity.libsyn.com/the-big-th

Oh, my first USB-C <-> USB-C cable!

I'm sure there are hundreds to come... 🤔

The World Science Fiction Convention has new dates and a new hotel, in Washington DC in December! I might have pandemic isolation on the brain, but I've decided I'm finally going to go to WorldCon for the first time. I got my hotel room, my convention membership, and signed up for volunteering. I feel so excited and energized!


A thread about employer 'personality profiling', 'microexpressions' etc, as a way the workforce is culled of potentially disgruntled workers in the hiring process, and the phrenology-industrial complex, from @pluralistic


"This means getting people back into the office may be a matter of self-preservation for career managers, whether they realize it consciously or not."

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If I write fiction where Theseus and the minotaur fall in love
And then someone else takes my fic, swaps out the labyrinth for a coffeeshop setting
And then someone swaps the minotaur for another monster
And then someone swaps Theseus for another hero
Is it still the same ship?

"Hot take: There's a whole way of communicating and handling team organization that grew up around 20th century business management culture, and it just doesn't work well with remote teams. Methods that do work well with remote teams, though, don't work well with traditional deeply hierarchical management structures. At best, they tend to make all those management layers somewhat superfluous."


The point I'm trying to make here is that we shouldn't mistake the ability to revisit your past experiences and thoughts for algorithmic cruelty - the answer to this cruelty isn't to destroy our digital time-machines; it's to seize the means of computation.

Cryteria (modified)



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A new episode of the Fluidity : "Relating To Stances"

Relationships one may have with "stances" (basic attitudes toward meaningness) include adopting, committing, accomplishing, wavering, and appropriating.

This ends the second section of Meaningness, an introduction to stances.


opinion-having about social media leftism 

unless the algorithm wills it, you will NEVER hear about people in town doing good work. a lot of the people doing good work are also keeping their heads down, which is absolutely the smart choice.
i think it's worth making a distinction between the leftists we know irl and 'the left' online, especially the ones in memespace. i hate my life a lot less now that i have put internet machismo where it belongs, and prioritized boring but essential work irl

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The Pixel Art Board And Card Games Videocast interviewed me! We covered "Overworld", Penguicon science fiction and open source convention, i3Detroit hacker space, my "To Arms" fan site, and much more.

I'm thrilled by what Arne did with this interview. He included a lot of images and video clips from his own research into these topics.


A new episode of the Fluidity : "The Psychological Anatomy Of A Stance"

The key aspects of a stance toward meaning, and how to use them effectively.


@sungo I'd like to start my cover letter with the name of a specific person, not just "Dear DigitalOcean", for a more personal touch. Can you recommend whose name to put there?

I'm probably slow, but I just realized last week that the key reason @pluralistic 's "podcast" is him solo reading his books chapter-by-chapter is that it routes straight around the Amazon–Audible DRM monopoly on audiobooks.

See mamot.fr/@pluralistic/10589379 for a thread on the Audible price-fixing/gouging details. Then grab some audio from Internet Archive, of course. feeds.feedburner.com/doctorow_

a genuine question: How does one find their audience? 

@lauraritchie My approaches have been:

1. I attend related events, volunteer there, and give talks.

2. I got a publisher for my board game. They told their existing audience.

3. I looked for those whose work I admire and who I would like to work with in some way, and offered them a contribution at no cost to them: podcasting their books as a free audiobook. They then promoted it to their existing audiences.

On this episode of the Fluidity : " Meaningness As A Liberating Practice."

A practice of replacing confused, dysfunctional patterns of thinking and feeling about meaning with accurate ones.


On this episode of the Fluidity : "Confusion, Completion, Misery, and Joy."

Properly understanding meaning eliminates needless suffering. An application: ethics.


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A way to access the Fediverse, for attendees of Penguicon, an annual convention of science fiction, open source software, and all geeky interests, in Southfield, Michigan, USA. Convention info: https://penguicon.org