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@Cjosaitis There should be a gear-shaped icon in your icon bar. If you click that, it will take you to Settings. Then, if you click the "Profile" section, you'll see a button labeled "Avatar".

It's silly. Can't wait for mine!


Having some fun with the / badge, props to anyone who gets the meme!


OFFICER: the victims were dismembered and sacrificed on an altar made of antlers

DETECTIVE: dear god

OFFICER: most likely yes

(h/t )

Transmission tower, blue and black duotone. Gel pen on card with robot.

Ice Cave #DigitalPainting #MastoArt #art commission
A deserted planet filled strange lifeforms derived from failed bio-techno-experiments

The Stone Sky 

Honestly is there any line as hard-hitting as "Life, you see, is sacred in Syl Anagist"??? It keeps bouncing around in my head.

I'm in the part of How To Hide An Empire where the question of why did the US retract its empire rather than expand it after WWII. A lot of it has to do with colonized people standing up for themselves, including violently in places like Puerto Rico and others. Also the US found it could get more of what it needed without large colonies. The author calls this "the pointillist empire."

I'm in the process of making a really nice website for my canoes game, "Ruhana". In the meantime, I've made it available for purchase as print-on-demand here:

@screenbeard You might be interested in the talk that I gave on this subject. Here's a transcript:

not so lonely wallpaper version
wallpaper version ✨✨
the lonely ghost is not so lonely now (open for the update at the bottom πŸ’)
#pixelart #γƒ‰γƒƒγƒˆη΅΅

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