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@Configures In those cases where I never expected trust or fellowship, I sometimes spare a moment to dislike someone but then I go on with my day & don't dwell on it.

I only obsess over my grievances in those cases where there was formerly trust and togetherness. That's where there is so much to be gained "if only it were different. If only, if only, if only..."

Has this been your experience?

A new episode of the Fluidity : "Probabilism, Part Two"

The probability of green cheese: A thought experiment shows why probability theory and statistics cannot address uncertainty in general.   Statistics and the replication crisis: The mistaken belief that statistical methods can tell you what to believe drove the science replication crisis.   You can support the podcast a

A new episode of the Fluidity : Overdriving Approximation.

Approximation is a powerful technique, but is not applicable in all rational work, and so is not a good general theory of nebulosity.

@Configures Nothing to apologize for! Credit isn't the most important thing.

@Configures Glad you like it. I wrote it more or less out of whole cloth. It was not derived from the FB group and Discord policies, which were a bit more under-developed at that time.

A new episode of the Fluidity : "Probabilism, Part One"

Probability theory seems an attractive foundation for rationalism—but it is not up to the job.   Leaving the casino - Probabilistic rationalism encourages you to view the whole world as a gigantic casino—but mostly it is not like that.   What probability can’t do - If probability theory were an epistemology, we’d wan

On this episode of the Fluidity : When Will You Go Bald?

“Shades of gray” is sometimes a good way to think about nebulosity—the world’s inherent fuzziness—but not always.

On this episode of the Fluidity : Are Eggplants Fruits?

Formal methods formally require impossibly precise definitions of terms. How do we use them effectively without that?

@alpuzz Welcome! Good to see you here. I hope to meet you at Penguicon 2023.

Great article covering Octavia Butler. She remains one of my favorite authors. She died far too young.

A new episode of the Fluidity : "Propositions, Hypothesis Generation, and Unknown Unknowns"

Three short chapters from In The Cells Of The Eggplant.   What can you believe? - Propositions are whatever sort of thing it is you can believe. Nothing can play that role; so we need a different understanding of belief.   Where did you get that idea in the first place? - Rationalism does not explain where hypotheses, theori

A new episode of the Fluidity : "Is This An Eggplant Which I See Before Me?"

Rationalist theories assume perception delivers an objective description of the world to rationality. It can’t, and doesn’t try to.   You can support the podcast and get episodes a week early, by supporting the Patreon:   If you like the show, consider buying me a coffee:   https://www.buyme

On this episode of the Fluidity : Reductio Ad Reductionem.

Reduction is a powertool of rationality, but reductionism can’t work as a general theory; most rationality is not reduction.

On this episode of the Fluidity : The Truth Of The Matter.

Formal rationality requires absolute truths, but those are rare in the eggplant-sized world. How do we do rationality without them?

@bobonthenet For me, it's because that's the same way I would write it in a TXT file or other unrendered plaintext.

Mentioned in this episode, is the hilarious and brilliant "What Is Wrong With Our Thoughts?" by David Stove.

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In the third part of this episode: The value of meaninglessness.

Recognizing that some statements are neither true nor false was a major advance in early 20th-century rationalism.

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In the second part of this episode: Depends upon what the meaning of the word “is” is.

Formal logic successfully addresses important defects in traditional, Aristotelian logic, but cannot deal with contextuality.

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