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The move was supposed to be done on Monday of last week. We could not access the new house when promised; and so, all our stuff is in two storage cubes. My roommates and I are living out of suitcases in the homes of friends. Clearing out the old house was twice as much work as anyone expected.

Every day for almost two weeks, my life has been on hold for moving. For more than a week, almost every day is: work at the old house, work at the new house, work at Heather's house where I'm staying.

Our company is expanding into a building across the street. Turns out, that building's exterior was turned into the LexCorp building for filming "Batman VS. Superman". It's in Pontiac.

What a wonderful night! Almost every day this week, I moved myself, my roommates, or people I didn't even live with, into new homes. I missed Makerfaire for the first time in years. But tonight, at the after party, I had a lot of exciting discussions, and caught up with people who I haven't seen in a while.

My body is weary, but my spirit is revived.

A new episode of the I narrate. "UNSONG Audiobook - Chapter 19: The Form Of The Angelic Land"

If you're thinking of coming to the Programming Retrospective thing tomorrow, here's our general idea for a timeline...

Discussion re: programming tracks/responsibilities/potential changes from 11a-2p.

Then a discussion re: Sched and how to make it more functional from 2:30-4:30p.

Wrap up from 4:30-5

Check out the new Penguicon calendar page:

Milan Lund wrote an open source library by Milan Lund to print a Google Calendar to a page, in a much nicer format than the embedded calendar GCal provides. Thanks, Milan!

I modified it to link from the headlines to the original calendar entries, so people can save the date.

"Optical media is dead" he said as he went to the shelf of vinyl records and pulled down a $40 bespoke album of chiptune ZX Spectrum music to play on his vintage Technics turntable that was a steal at $1,000 through a $10,000 tube amplifier. "It's dead and it's never coming back."

A new episode of the I narrate. "UNSONG Audiobook - Chapter 18 Parts 5 And 6: That The Children Of Jerusalem May Be Saved From Slavery"

Various factors at work were suddenly better today. It's all going to change again on Monday. We'll see how it shakes out.

Today was my first day where I was allowed to sit at my desk and touch an actual computer. By the end of the day, I was actively looking for a new job already. It's going to be a very unhappy time in my life until I'm somewhere else.

In this episode, an archangel on Mount Sinai asks Moses to avoid putting extra load on the computational resources of the universe on Saturdays, because that is when he runs server maintenance. He suggests avoiding garments with mixed fabrics, because "it complicates the tear resistance calculations."

A new episode of the I narrate. "UNSONG Audiobook - Chapter 18 Parts 3 And 4: That The Children Of Jerusalem May Be Saved From Slavery"

Even though I still work in software development, the mortgage company I now work for trained me for a week in general knowledge about loans and credit. I now know more about mortgages than I ever thought I would.

My new hire trainer: what are the three credit reporting bureaus
Me: Um

6 hours later

My new hire trainer: okay class, a question just for fun. What was the name of gandalf's horse
Me: Equifax

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