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"Next time you make something at i3Detroit, think about how it came to be the resource you're using, and how you can leave it better than you found it, to enable whoever comes after you.
-Nate B-
since 2009. :) "

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"The process of becoming a member has gone from informal, to uneven, to participatory, and been continually refined since then.
But one thing hasn't changed a bit -- i3Detroit is still what you make it. All volunteer, all member-driven, all open to improvement. And we're the product of countless improvements along the way, innumerable hours of work from hundreds of members we can't thank enough."

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"Most every part of our internal workings has changed in some way -- we've reduced dues, and only just voted to adjust them upward again, but still cheaper than where they were in 2009 as the group got going. We've solidified our scholarship program, to make sure everyone can participate in a community they might not otherwise afford. We've had to create a harassment policy, and make sure our community standards have meaning."

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"We've gone from a group of about a dozen individuals, to over 200 active members today. Turnover in that time has meant we've actually had about 700 people call themselves members over the years. Though I don't have the data to give an average length of membership, some of us "originals" are still around."

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"We've hosted visitors from countless other groups, and seen our ideas copied and imitated, improved and shared.
We've seen "Arduino" and "Kickstarter" become household words, watched as the original Beagleboard gave rise to the Beaglebone, and then the Raspberry Pi came on the scene. After the major 3D printing patents expired, it went from a prohibitively expensive research technology, to a weird hobby for extreme DIY builders, to an everyday tool sold at retail."

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Nate B, a founding member, posted this to the email list:
Ten years ago today, i3Detroit opened its doors to the public
by Nate B
"In the time since, we've seen commercial spaces come and go, we've seen schools take up the cause, we've seen corporate R&D labs rebranded as "internal makerspaces" trying to ride the wave of cool. We've been involved as a nationwide organization sprang up to connect spaces like us, and unlike us."

Downtime for server maintenance 

OK, it looks like it just took a really long time to build the search index. You may now search for any word used in any post whose user allows it to be visible to you. (This functionality honors all privacy settings.)

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Downtime for server maintenance 

The shutdown and restart are complete. Now that we have more memory, the commands to get search working are failing in new, more productive ways. :) Or, perhaps they're just taking a long time. Cross your fingers.

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Downtime for server maintenance 

I think I figured out why text search is no longer working on We're following so many users now, the search engine is probably running out of memory and shutting down.

I'm going to upgrade our cloud computing service plan. This requires shutting down the site completely for a few minutes.

Here is my documentation of the technical struggles, for those who are interested in the details:

The Good Place, wholesome meme 

from Respectful Memes:

Recently, the registration form broke when I updated the site, but I didn't notice. I customized the question to ask the last year the applicant attended Penguicon. Instead it went back to "why do you want to join?" I started getting really confused by the responses. :)

From Kickstarter United on birdsite:

"Today KSRU officially requested voluntary recognition of our union, and we are waiting to see if it will be granted. We stand firm in our commitment not to call for any boycotts, but we need your help."

#Inktoberday1 for my RPG Monster #Inktober prompt list! Day 1's prompt is "Gelatinous Cube!" Was worried about making it too simple so I did...the opposite... of that.
#inktober2k19 #inktober2019 #dungeonsanddragons #dnd #dnd5e #monsters #rpginktober #gelatinouscube #mastoart

In addition to the features of Mastodon 3, you'll now see more content on here, now that I have been federating us to a lot of other servers, who will serve as relays to larger and larger parts of the Fediverse.

@Programops @jdmarraccini @JessicaAnn @craigmaloney @Chelle @Bagel3000 @jeffallena @sodafett @Jeannie @zaren @scottscheraga @WildCard @wolfger @akerasi @rmanville @gnora @waldo @JAC3DG33K @nickzbu @rkarolak @zach @Nick @skennedy @gwydion @cosmognome @Automatedjoy @paulkemner @puttwill

You may have noticed already but - Halloween Avatar!

..which doesn't look much different than the stuff I normally draw but then again it /is/ halloween for me 365 days a year.
#art #mastoart #creativetoots #halloween is now running Mastodon v3.0.0 release candidate 2. Now with trending hashtags!

Content warning from the narrator. In section 2 of this episode, I will sometimes omit direct quotes which would need to be voiced. In other places, I will insert descriptions of what characters said, as a substitute for actually performing the characters.

As some of you know if you have read the book, this chapter has a content warning.

When I began recording the UNSONG audiobook, I did not realize what I was in for, because the author had not yet released what I am about to read to you.

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A way to access the Fediverse, for attendees of Penguicon, an annual convention of science fiction, open source software, and all geeky interests, in Southfield, Michigan, USA. Convention info: