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In Michigan, Columbus Day is now officially changed to Indigenous Peoples Day.

The development of space travel technology is often preceded by tinkerers and hobby engineers hammering away in their garages. The most prolific group of these DIY builders call themselves the Dragons, and their goals are simple: Building the most visually striking ships in existence. The famous annual Dragon Parade on the Jupiter moon Ganymed is truly a sight to behold: some of the quirkiest and strangest designs in the solar system as far as the eye can see.

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I've been experimenting with Pico-8 lately! It's really fun 😁

Here is a little test based of Divinity: Original Sin II and it's music Rivellon

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When the void says "your scream is important to us. please continue to hold for the next available agent".

Then this young guy comes a-ringing, my most slothful feast he's bringing,
For the grim and grave travails of the kitchen do I shirk,
“With a pie of cheeses shredded, thou,” I said, “bring sticks a-breaded,
Slices plenty, sausage sizzling, carried with a knowing smirk—
Let me tip you with a tenner so I don't seem like a jerk!”

Quoth the pizza man,
“fuck work"

Google's new console platform will run a simulation of your mind and personality on their cloud servers to play a video game. It thens streams the resulting video to you over , while you make the same motions with the joystick that it predicted you would make.

This is how they achieve what they euphemistically call "negative latency".

How do you know you are not the simulation, you ask? The answer is, you usually figure it out pretty quick. Then they just reboot you.

A new painterly rendering of the cartoon mascot, by @scoots

A new episode of the I narrate. "UNSONG Audiobook - Chapter 26: For Not One Sparrow Can Suffer And The Whole Universe Not Suffer Also"

Named after a long extinct canine from earth, the LX-3 "Husky" has a stunningly low rate of fuel consumption and can stay in atmospheric flight for months. The problem is that to function the engine needs to run at least once a day at various velocities, making it unsuitable for the casual pilot and can quickly turn into a chore. Left unattended for too long the delicate machinery will clog up, and the cost of repairs can exceed that of the whole vehicle.

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Happy #inktober with Michael Scherotter. His workshop will take traditional sketches and transform them into 360º VR environments.

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A way to access the Fediverse, for attendees of Penguicon, an annual convention of science fiction, open source software, and all geeky interests, in Southfield, Michigan, USA. Convention info: