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A new episode of the I narrate, UNSONG. "Chapter 59: Clothe Yourself In Golden Arms" <p>"This is a reasonable approach for handling small problems, but it would be awkward if there were any that did understand, and seek God. —"</p> <p>This is a serialized story narrated by Matt Arnold with the permission of the author, Scott Alexander. The original text is here:</p> <p><a href= " ...

One of the wisest things anyone's ever said to me about predictive policing tools - algorithms that purport predict where crime will occur - is that they don't predict crime, but they predict the police, who will obey the algorithm's directives (thanks, Patrick Ball!)

Normally that means that predictive policing tools send cops to poor and brown neighborhoods to stop-and-frisk and traffic-stop people, but sometimes it's a little more personal than that.


I Painted over tiny sketches made by @cwebber for the Spritely mascot. What's your favorite number(s)?

(more info about Spritely on this thread: )
#krita #goblins #fediverse #mastoart

I've commissioned the great @davidrevoy to help with some of the artwork for the new Spritely website. I made some tiny sketches of what I thought sprites might look like:

David did a conceptual re-imagining and oh my god they're AMAZING

There are two reasons that no one ever reads terms of service.

The first is obvious: they're garbage. Performatively dull, deliberately obfuscated, impossible to read and understand (literally - they are comparable to academic journal articles).


Introducing Inkscape 1.0.1...! This version includes bug & crash patches for 1.0 along with an experimental feature. Let us know what you love. Report what doesn't work. Download Linux, Windows, (coming soon) Mac:

Read all about it at:

Today I received this thank-you gift to commemorate the ten years I spent on the Penguicon Board, before I stepped down this year.

Can I just say that Ijon Tichy in many forms is good and entertaining and also the weird psychedelia of Sanislaw Lem's stuff in general is amazing.

also watch this:


"Thanks to group chats and a wave of private online social platforms, squads are reemerging today as a potent cultural force that rejects a strictly individualist market philosophy. ... Whether housemates or friends sharing a Discord group, squads allow social currency and financial capital to inter-convert, creating opportunities and group resiliency that would have been impossible to achieve alone."

Direct Air Capture uses chemical reactions to pull CO2 out of the atmosphere.

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A way to access the Fediverse, for attendees of Penguicon, an annual convention of science fiction, open source software, and all geeky interests, in Southfield, Michigan, USA. Convention info: