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Continued excerpt:

"It becomes especially hard under these conditions to hold on to the value in activities that, by their very nature, are future-directed, such as education or institution-building."

"...what’s disrupted is the structure of care that sustains why we go on doing things together, and this can only be repaired through renewed solidarity."

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Security researcher Bruce Schneier on COVID-19 and Acedia:

"What unsettles us is not only fear of change. It’s that, if we can no longer trust in the future, many things become irrelevant, retrospectively pointless. And by that we mean from the perspective of a future whose basic shape we can no longer take for granted. This fundamentally disrupts how we weigh the value of what we are doing right now."

In my 2017 novel WALKAWAY, there's a scene where the protagonists get into a self-driving car owned by a ruthless plutocrat, only to discover that it moves faster than any other vehicle they've ever ridden.

The plute explains that he's done an illegal mod that lets him override the lane-change safety margins and pay fines for it - an illustration of the principle that "a fine is a price."


Driving around Detroit in The Crew 2

Where are the Joumana Keyrouz billboards?

Here is the 1-hr Afterword From The Narrator, with an interview with the author, book recommendations, and announcement of further episodes of this with the same author's short stories.

Ooooh, look at our fancy lad in all of his finery

Pity he forgot to show up for it though


(I'm guessing that the answer is "a little bit slower, but on the flipside, their dishes are clean."

Yeah, yeah, internal monologue, I'll go do the fucking dishes)

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Judy even had a hand in the founding of Bakka Books, the science fiction bookstore that Nalo and I both worked at (Judy convinced Charlie McKee to open the store in 1972 - it's still going).

Nalo comes from a family of celebrated artists - playwrights, poets - and so her life weaves in multiple traditions of art, mentorship, authorship. I couldn't be happier for my old friend. What a fantastic choice for SFWA's 37th Grand Master.


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Really happy to finally get out this update about goings-on in @spritelyproject

tl;dr RacketCon talk up, progress on the serializing-a-running-world system (Aurie), making progress towards textual virtual worlds.

Enjoy! And thanks to @davidrevoy for the INCREDIBLE character artwork!

This concludes the adaptation of UNSONG, a novel by Scott Alexander. In the next episode, I will offer some closing thoughts on the novel, and make some announcements.

@anarchiv It's just a standard 5v charging cable, with magnetic tips of the standard connectors, that you can stick into your device on a permanent basis and in theory not have to replace cables every two weeks because of repeated plugging and unplugging. And also not need a billion different cables.

A new episode of the I narrate, UNSONG.
"Chapter 72, Part 2: And Builds A Heaven In Hell’s Despair"

Here ends Book 4. The next episode, the Epilogue, will conclude the novel.

"He sat on the Black Opal Throne like it was the most natural thing in the world. He had taken off his scarlet robes, and now wore the familiar black and silver. "Come," he said, and I moved slowly, foggily, like I was in a dream."

A new episode of the I narrate, UNSONG. "Chapter 72, Part 1: And Builds A Heaven In Hell’s Despair" "Sohu pushed the heavy steel door open and entered the throne room." This is a serialized story narrated by Matt Arnold with the permission of the author, Scott Alexander. The original text is here: Episode 103 Duration: 20:10 ...

The RIAA threw an October Surprise late last month when it sent a takedown demand to Github over Youtube-dl, a general purpose, lawful tool that allowed people to download Youtube videos.

The RIAA's position on this was downright bizarre. First, it asserted that the kind of obfuscation that Youtube uses to hide the download URLs for its videos were a form of DRM, illegal to bypass under Section 1201 of the 1998 Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


A new episode of the I narrate, UNSONG. "Chapter 71, Part 2: But For Another Gives Its Ease" "Then God spoke to Ana out of the whirlwind, and He said: "THE REASON EVIL EXISTS IS ..." This is a serialized story narrated by Matt Arnold with the permission of the author, Scott Alexander. The original text is here: Episode 102 Duration: 20:10 ...

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