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There's a kind of circular reasoning behind this: there's so much stuff produced in English that there's no market for foreign works, and no one reads foreign works so why translate any?

Which brings me to a very odd, very wonderful book: ROBOT ARTISTS AND BLACK SWANS, Bruce Sterling's collection of fantascienza stories originally published under his Italian pseudonym, "Bruno Argento."


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"Fantascienza" is the Italian word for science fiction, but fantascienza has its own tropes, rhythms and conventions that set it apart in hard-to-summarize ways; these unique characteristics have fired the Italian imagination for generations.

Very little fantascienza (or any other foreign literature) gets translated to English.


Here's a great take on the explosive growth of the "getting creators paid" economy in the next ten years.

In this video, the creator of Patreon predicts "the stigma of the starving artist disappears. It's gone from earth."

greek philosopher zeno of elea, famously frustrated by the apparent impossibility of fully lacing a new pair of doc martin boots, once posited that before the boots are fully laced, first they must be halfway laced, and before that, halfway to halfway laced, and before that, etc. ad infinitum, thus demonstrating that all fully laced boots are an illusion.

this philosophical problem is known as "Zeno's Pair o' Docs"

Trunk came up in response to a question during my #Fediverse talk at #Penguicon this morning

it's in the slides, but not obvious, will work on that

also mentioned #FollowFriday and need to add that to my slides


Let's give a big welcome to @WalksWSilentFeet and @Orb2069 !

Here is the 'Penguin Wizard' of my #Krita workshop at #Penguicon 2021, and also the two live doodles inspired by discussions and good time in the virtual lobby room. A lot of fun! Details and description on my blog:

Virtual Penguicon 2021 Registration is closed down. Thank you for all that participated! Cheers to all the participants, presenters, volunteers, Staff, Con Com, and Penguicon Board for all the hard work!

For the past few months, I've been assembling cast members, to edit their performances together into a full-cast recording of this week's .

What is the meaning of an extra-marital affair—or any relationship? A short story illustrates the puzzle of nebulosity.

Thanks to Bruce Webber of the Phase Shift podcast, Shianne Nocerini & Jeremiah Staes of the Daily Detroit podcast, Sofia Syntaxx of the ANGR podcast, Christine Kitchens, and Sarah Elkins.

I am in the Fediverse panel right now, which reminded me that it has been too long since I checked this server. I need to be better at using the social networks that I have signed up on.

The DTE Energy Bridge app is nice but also just hilariously bad. It has an energy budgeting feature that simply doesn't work—the goal page has incorrect values for the budget no matter what you do, and you never hit it, and changing it is fraught with peril even for the main UI to pick it up correctly.

It has an advisor feature that tells me it both needs more information from me to provide advice and that I have filled out 100% of the information it needs.

etc. etc.

A new episode of the Fluidity : "A Schematic Overview Of All Stances" At 48 minutes, this episode is longer than most. A complete summary overview of all the dimensions of meaningness, with all the common stances one can take to them. ...

Six rows remaining. Here’s what it looked like at ten rows remaining, really just filling out the pattern at this point, but with 300ish more beads

#knitting #abbysparasol

@olamina I think you pointed to ? I had it open in a tab and now I am reading it and it's really speaking to me - thank you

A new episode of the Fluidity : "Bonus Metacast: Book Planning" This mid-week bonus episode features a 20-minute excerpt from my interview with David Chapman, in which we discuss his plans for finishing Meaningness.     ...

A new episode of the Fluidity : "The Big Three Stance Combinations"

Dualism, nihilism, and monism are the three main approaches to fundamental questions of meaning. This book proposes a better, fourth alternative.

This begins the third section of Meaningness, "Doing Meaning Better".

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