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Look, I’m glad that we’re looking into harvesting waste heat, but can you make it sound a bit less like a poster you’d see in The Outerworlds?

The question for you, our listeners, is this: Does English have a single word, neologism, or portmanteau, which might convey the sense of the word "kadag"? It means a type of sacredness which is blended with the banal, and can sometimes be found in unexpected places. As sacredness is traditionally conceived, there is a category of things which are set apart to always to be considered completely sacred. Kadag differs from that.

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Here's the second bonus episode of the Fluidity , outside of the .

I interview David Chapman on the secular and the sacred. I ask him questions about his background in Buddhism and Wicca, and my experiences with the TV shows "Cosmos" and "Veggie Tales", EPCOT Center, Burning Man, and the Universism movement active from 2003 to 2007 (as distinct from Unitarian Universalism).

historical tweet 

on this day last year the pictured exchange occurred on twtr and made me laugh for days and days

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boosting @`zedlopez
I just shared an alpha of a project to facilitate working with Inform 7 (an interactive fiction DSL) on the command-line.

It's a thing that'll be useful to something like 12 people, but I hope those 12 will find it _really useful_.

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The next installment - still forthcoming - deals with the thorny question of how you finance a commons.

There's always someone who wants to steal the revolution. But there's always a rebel alliance who'll fight to steal it back.


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Apple and Google been real fucking quiet since this dropped

"When all can drop the moral posturing, all may be able to work together to find an outcome all can live with—which will not be good, bad, or uninteresting, but a nebulous combination of all three."

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Recording an episode of my podcast today, this passage from the book struck me:

"For politics to be anything more than a quantitative showdown, both sides in a conflict must recognize the nebulosity of their interests. Not only are _those people_ not simply evil, and _us folks_ not simply holy: what they _want_ is not purely wrong, and what we want is not an unalloyed good."

Been playing with #Bookwyrm and just discovered there is an instance at with this lovely custom logo. I am @wakest if you wanna follow me from here. Its interesting watching a totally different type of social thing being built on the #fediverse with #ActivityPub

I've been playing with notetaking with logseq, an open-source git-syncing, Roam clone. It's one to watch, but I'm still happiest with Obsidian + Synchthing.

A new episode of the Fluidity : "The Promise Of Certainty & The Illusion Of Understanding".

1. What we want most from meaning is guarantees. Religions, political ideologies, and other eternalist systems promise certainty; but they cannot deliver.

2. It’s deluded to think we mostly understand issues of meaning (ethics, purpose, value, politics). Ideologies create and sustain that illusion.

Quick reminder that if you manage a #Funkwhale pod and are ok with basic stats to be collected, you can submit your pod domain on

It's helpful to have an idea of the size of the network, the number of active users, the deployment of new versions, etc.

By doing so, you'll contribute to those dashboards:

You can opt-out at any time, from your pod settings (older stats will be deleted as well if you do).


TypeSense search engine.

An open-source alternative to Algolia and easier to use than ElasticSearch

GPL-3.0 licensed. Looks like a great #foss project!

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A way to access the Fediverse, for attendees of Penguicon, an annual convention of science fiction, open source software, and all geeky interests, in Southfield, Michigan, USA. Convention info: