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Magical thinking: Hallucinating causal connections is powerfully synergistic with eternalism.

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Smearing meaning all over everything: Monist eternalism—the New Age and SBNR, for example—say everything is meaningful, but leaves vague what the meanings are.

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Imposing fixed meanings: Forcing fixed meanings on experience always eventually results in unpleasant shocks when reality refuses to conform to your pre-determined categories.

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Eternalist Ploys: Ploys—ways of thinking, feeling, talking, and acting—which stabilize eternalism; and antidotes to use against them.

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On this episode of the Fluidity : Eternalist Ploys

We return to the book "Meaningness" for the conclusion of the Eternalism chapter. I delayed this episode until now in case David Chapman wrote more, or revised them, and no longer considered them unfinished. It's worthwhile just as it is, and I have formatted all these short pages as if they were sections in one page.

On this episode of the Fluidity : The Co-Founders, Part 2: Epilogue

Metarationality in organizational management.

This concludes "Meaningness And Time". The next episodes will return to "Meaningness" to narrate material David Chapman has written in the interim.

On this bonus episode of the Fluidity : Pretending To Believe.

In part 1, we discussed a phrase used several times in "Meaningness & Time": secretly pretending to believe.

In this part, we apply the approach from his books to controversial issues, including how different factions process the concept of gender transition. We also discuss the false claims that the votes in the 2020 US Presidential election were not reflected in the outcome.

On this episode of the Fluidity : The Cofounders.

The path from professionalism to a deliberately-developmental relationship: a tale of startup cofounders.

Be prepared before you begin: this episode is an hour and twenty minutes long.

Thanks to Jasmine Ren for performing the part of Prithi.

On this bonus episode of the Fluidity , I interview David Chapman about a phrase he has used several times in "Meaningness And Time": secretly pretending to believe. This is part 1.

In the second part of this episode: Desiderata for any future mode of meaningness - A positive and realistic vision for the future of society, culture, and self, drawing lessons from recent history.

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In the first part of this episode: Fluidity addresses the atomization of culture, society, and self with ships that sail the sea of meaning: collaborative, improvised, intimate, and playful.

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In the second part of this episode: Cultural atomization—the widespread loss of conceptual coherence—has made serious intellectual work much more difficult in the twenty-teens.

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In the first part of this episode: The global internet atomizes cultures, societies, and selves into tiny brilliant shards. Meaning has lost context and coherence. Now what?

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On this episode of the Fluidity : "Atomization"

You get to hear me sing Gangnam Style in this one!

In this episode, I narrate the blog post "Archipelago and Atomic Communitarianism" by Scott Alexander, with his permission.

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“Archipelago” is a political model in which everyone can choose what social system to live in. It’s impractical, but points to better solutions.

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In the fourth part of this episode: "Geeks, MOPs, and sociopaths in subculture evolution"

How muggles and sociopaths invade and undermine creative subcultures; and how to stop them.

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