I'm planning a countdown to my 60,000th tweet on :birdsite:.

As part of this:

My novel "git commit murder" is Name Your Own Price at tiltedwindmillpress.com , with a minimum of $0.99.

My book "PAM Mastery" is *also* Name Your Own Price at tiltedwindmillpress.com , with a minimum of $0.99.

But you see it here first, because the fedi is cool.

Don't share this off the fedi until I announce it elsewhere, please.

I need to do a blog post, but as ALL the best people on the Internet are on the Fediverse:

Last January, I sold a story to the Pulphouse anthology "Snot-Nosed Aliens." At #Penguicon 2019, I read it. Aloud. Before a live studio audience and everything! :flan_announcer:

The anthology is out, so... here it is.


If you've never tried my fiction, it won't get any easier than this.

Schedule rearranged. I'm free for Penguicon 2020!

If I decide to go, of course. 🤷‍♂️ We'll see...

New five star review on #gitcommitmurder. I don't go hunting my reviews, but got tagged with this one on :birdsite:​.

Why do I avoid even positive glowing reviews?

Because my brain understands this as "Lucas can't write an opening to save his life." My brain is a rectal sphincter. :flan_rage:

From the birdsite. Neede sharing, the embedding thing is, well, subpar.

Did you hear that Penguicon 2020 is moving back to the last weekend in April!

A last minute cancellation meant we could slide in and take the spot.

Me: I need an opening for this #prohibitionOrcs story

Muse: :flan_eyeroll:

Me: Seriously. I know the story, I just need the hook. Something I haven't done before.

Muse: :flan_bored:

Me: :flan_shout:​ GIVE ME IDEA

Muse: <picks toes>

Me: Fine. I'll go pick up on the next #immortalclay, or maybe #montagueportal.

Muse: Oh, a #prohibitionOrcs opening? No problemo! Here you go.

Me: :flan_set_fire::flan_executioner:


Starting each #sudomastery chapter with a mangled Monty Python quote. Still pondering good ones for shell, environments, intrusion detection, policy distribution, and LDAP.

Have already used dead parrots, farcical aquatic ceremonies, the Sudo Inquisition, taunting a second time, elderberries, you were lucky to have root, a very naughty boy, the violence inherent, and full of eels. Open to suggestions from the hilarious mastoverse.

Guess I'll have to spend my writing time watching Python...

@matt @mwl

Welcome to the party, kids. :flan_hurrah:

This is my main account, but I'll be checking in on penguicon.social and using it as my backup. And stalking your local timeline for cool folks, of which you have many.


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