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I'm trying to get into the habit of drawing more, and I also need stuff for my campaign. Here is an owlbear I did this morning. I'm also hoping I can make a thing.

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Here we go, the final front-end social ( mascots and the instance thumbnails that go with those.
Also, let's face it: we all know I will turn those into shiny stickers at some point too. Which ones should I print?
#StefCraft #Illustrations

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i wrote earlier today about chatgpt’s owner value and user danger being in the data it gets from us, and how it conditions us to give. here’s @robhorning tonight, thinking deeply about all this through norbert wiener:

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Utility-first CSS saves time and reduces code. Instead of writing all of this...

p {
margin-bottom: var(--margin-m);

... all you need to do is this:

<p class="mb-m">on</p>
<p class="mb-m">every</p>
<p class="mb-m">single</p>
<p class="mb-m">fucking</p>
<p class="mb-m">paragragh</p>
<p class="mb-m">present</p>
<p class="mb-m">and</p>
<p class="mb-m">future</p>
<p class="mb-m">until</p>
<p class="mb-m">you</p>
<p class="mb-m">die</p>

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Hello this is a reminder to please CamelCase your hashtags, since it makes it easier for screen readers to read them correctly.



It's interesting how a lot of very positive anonymous peer review feedback for end of the year reviews can somehow make imposter syndrome worse...

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Today I told my child, "When I was your age we couldn't just tell Google to close the garage door." Which SF author guessed that one? How did we get the future so wrong?

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Just going to say this about the whole "if you're intolerant of Nazis, you're not embracing tolerance" bullshit.

Tolerance of other beliefs isn't a moral precept, it's a peace treaty.

A peace treaty only lasts as long as all parties are peaceful.

The moment you set out to harm others because of your beliefs is the moment tolerance of your beliefs falls by the wayside.

Racists cannot be tolerated. Sexists cannot be tolerated. Nazis cannot be tolerated.

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Possibly unpopular opinion here…but all these complaints about how the influx of new users is impacting Mastodon culture, it just dawned on me that it’s akin to how people speak about immigrants (i.e. “THEY came here, they should assimilate to OUR way of doing things, and adapt our culture”)
As an immigrant myself (in real life) I know first hand the impacts of this inflexible way of thinking. It’s a nuanced topic, but just something for the OG Mastodon inhabitants to consider.

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