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Hey friends, I'm an enthusiast, a , an amateur , and I go by he/him but it's also complicated, so I'm not fussed about it. Pro turned , I do love to talk and . How doin'?

My favorite thing about the song "We built this city (on rock n roll)" is how there isn't a single sentence that makes a bit of sense when you think about it. It's a rebellion song written by a sheltered 16 year old.

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This is your periodic reminder that ambulatory wheelchair users exist. Many folks think wheelchairs are only for those who can't walk at all, or folks who can only take a couple steps.

Wheelchairs and electric scooters are used due to pain, weakness, balance issues, orthostatic intolerance, etc.

#Disability #Wheelchairs #DynamicDisability #ChronicIllness #MEcfs

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Please repost/like if you are someone in 2023 and still actively thinking about health risks related to airborne viruses in social places. I'd like to feel less lonely while still knowing that the pandemic is not over #CovidIsAirborne #CovidIsNotOver

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Moving out of Ohio to keep my #TransKid safe and my current employer won't let me take my hybrid job full remote, despite the reason.

Anyone got any full remote #CyberSecurity jobs open? I'm a blue teamer with experience in incident response, endpoint protection, email security, and SIEM engineering. Can probably settle in to #ThreatHunting or #ThreatIntel pretty quickly too!


[Edit 2/19/23: I got a job! Fully remote, and they know I'm moving to a different time zone. Better title and a significant raise! Thanks to the DOZENS of people who responded with tips and leads.]

So I was getting the shower ready and anticipated it would be too hot or cold at first try. I put my hand in and muttered in surprise to myself, "Oh. Well then - let's get into that shit!"

I was so struck by my weirdness when alone that the phrase repeated in my head like a jingle until this very minute, where I share it with you in the hopes that it will move on.

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From Ska, Penguicon 2023 Con Chair:
Dear Penguicon Community,

Happy New Year!

This past Saturday, January 7, 2023, we had a Con Com meeting.
Many of us have been hard at work behind the scenes working on the convention. One of the first things I want to get out there is (as many have seen) we are back at the Westin Southfield-Detroit! They are so glad to have us back, and fortunately, many of the staff there that we have come to appreciate are looking forward to Penguicon!


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The greater Fediverse community is in store for a hard transition as the greater network transitions from “too small for anybody to care” to “financially worthwhile for professional disinfo trolls, spam farms, Grey-market adtech, and organized CSE groups.”

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Seems to be some kind of nasty block-evading system operating an instance at:

(It's listed at

The proxy's domain redirects to installation instructions. To quote them:

"A simple proxy for ActivityPub that lets you circumvent blocks by masquerading as another domain name..."

"...say you want to follow (someone) but the woke administrator has blocked you..."

It is deliberately avoiding blocks and helping others to do so too.


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Important thread:
RT @emorwee
If you let any story cut through all the Twitter noise today, please let it be this:

At least six local news websites across Alabama and Florida have been secretly taking payments from power companies to run stories attacking clean energy + other policies

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The fedi is not accustomed to having zero tolerance for bigotry, hate, and anti-blackness. The culture here has much more patience and understanding for toxic people than their targets.

As we move forward, I'm telling you this will be a significant division point. The concept of safer, non-toxic spaces will be less important than maintaining an environment where bigots get endless chances to redeem themselves while they continue to poison communities for many 'progressive' and 'diverse' instances.

Prioritizing healthy engagement and safety is a shift many will not want to make.

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anyone that has ever run an email list with more than 3 members, any phpbb site, a blog comment system, and/or an IRC channel is sitting here going Is this thin-skinned mod really your king? while holding up a deflated husk of Elon Musk

Silencing techniques you learn when sharing a bathroom wall with a preschooler include putting one hand on top of a TP role while you pull to keep it from rattling.

How did I not learn this in the last 40+ years?

I was just curious how ChatGPT (the chatbot AI program) would talk about understanding its own processes, since people generally just hand-wave the idea of knowing how machine learning actually, specifically creates a given result.

I thought its answers were interesting, though not surprising. I am wondering who might be working on this parallel programming track, as I see it.

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WOW. Elon Musk's Twitter straight-up banned the account for Mastodon. Just, wow.

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Mastodon's official Twitter account has been suspended. It has 174,000 followers. #birdsite

@Gargron do you have any insight into why?

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Now that the dust is settling, here's an #introduction. I'm a filmmaker, actor, and EM-Twitter rejecter.

I love the gentler, non-algorithmic nature of this community, and in keeping with that, I won't use this account for self-promo. You can find my projects on other platforms (which I seldom use) or my own site, all here:

The #fediverse is an opportunity to build a community as robust as Twitter without the histrionics and clickbait toxicity. Let's do that!

U.S. Politics (Housing) 

I don't expect it will be successful but it's incredibly exciting for the stabilization of our economy to even see it being introduced.

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Last night, I ate a clock. It was very time consuming..

Especially when I went back for seconds.

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