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I'm so excited to finally be getting my garage workshop together. is turning out to be very interesting outside of just the authentication thing. Free chat and chat searching is nice in a world where Hangouts is disappearing/morphing, as long as it doesn't disappear. I wonder who from Hangouts might switch...

Free on the curb today: twin frame, stool, bar cart, old dolly, etc

Yesterday was a massive garage cleanup day. Everything I have is sore, but the garage is ready for the next phase!

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@skennedy got this portrait of himself which an artist created out of a log with a chainsaw.

@mikeward @matt I'd much rather experience the irony of him using a account without ever attending.

I can't help but replace weak boards in my deck before repainting it for selling. I am incapable of just leaving well enough alone. Also apparently replacing nails with screws because I don't have enough to do...

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⚠️ Federation Status Update ⚠️

We are putting the finishing touches on improved Notifications, Direct Messages and video support (Loops).

Once those are released, we will start testing full federation support on our staging instance!

#pixelfed @matt looks like my mobile app doesn't have all the options. I made it work from the browser though!

@autumn that's fantastic. I ran a single line TAG board but didn't have a dedicated line, so you can imagine how that went. I mostly opped for a dozen boards in the Farmington/Livonia areas.

@autumn what BBS, what town? I was Xavier here in SE MI, and my email address still starts with ATDT1991 :D

@matt @mwlucas Let us know if you find a mobile app that you're happy with!

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