Michigan State Police announce that they will enforce the law at the next shutdown protest. So... they didn't enforce it at the last 2?

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Having fun with masks [COVIE] 

Some would say wearing *any* mask is a political statement. I'm okay with that. I believe this is an Iowa company. There are clever people in Iowa.


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17th EC, food, meat, history shitpost 

You may be happy, but are you "17th century man putting lemon on a chicken" happy?

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This just in: how the fuck did lower-case "A" come to look like "a" in computer fonts (and on typewriters? I don't recall) when literally nobody I know writes it like that? And how did I never notice this before today? Feeling mind-blown.

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I should move the recycle bin closer to the mailbox...

Stripping (rust) and green (paint). Gonna get these rusty old weight plates looking decent again.

Looking at the 10-day forecast... can I just take the Delorean up to 88 and cruise into 8 days from now?

OK, figured out the re-pinning part. Still no idea why my "Home" only has 4 toots in it and "Load more" does nothing. <shrug> This is the way Mastodon dies.

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Why is my Mastodon home fubared? Also: how do I get my "Home" column back after I accidentally unpinned it?

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i wish nimby's who call the cops on PoC who are just trying to live their lives could get locked up for assault with a deadly weapon

Computer geek ISO office chair. Preferably fabric. Preferably flip-up arm rests. Must have seat that doesn't lose comfort/cushion after 12 months. Must have locking back for when I don't wish to recline.

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"At this time, there is no accepted standard for how to respond to Do Not Track signals, and we do not respond to such signals."

Translation: until legal advises that ignoring Do Not Track is a liability that would cost more in fines than the price of the data we collect then we'll tell you to pound sand.

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Bandcamp is waiving their fees today for artists, so if you've been putting off getting something from your favorite artists now would be a great day to pick up that shiny album you've had in your wishlist.

Don't have a favorite artist on Bandcamp? There's plenty to explore over there.

#bandcamp #music

Mmm... Ramen. Almost feels like I'm back in high school or college. Of course, back then I always nuked it as-is. Now I'm cooking with fire. And eggs. And hot sauce.

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