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A flower in the barrel of a gun does not impede the ability of the gun to fire.

"What most pacifists do not seem to understand is that free speech does not empower us, and it does not equal freedom. ... Free speech is only free as long as it is not a threat and does not come with the possibility of challenging the system. The most freedom of speech I have ever had was in the “Security Housing Unit” (maximum-security solitary confinement) in federal prison. I could yell and shout all I wanted, even cuss at the guards, and unless I thought up a particularly creative way to intentionally enrage them, they would leave me at peace. No matter: the walls were rock solid and my words were hot air."
—Peter Gelderloos, “How Nonviolence Protects The State”


Nonviolence is...
-Part 1: Ineffective:

-Part 2, Racist:

-Part 3, Statist:

-Part 4, Patriachical:

-Part 5, Tactically and Strategically Inferior:

-Part 6, Deluded:


Full Text:

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Periodic reminder that if you would like an anarchist goose sticker I will send you one

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Media on Mastodon

Rolling Stone @RollingStone
Meidas Touch @MeidasTouch
Democracy Docket @democracydocket
RiffReporter @riffreporter (German)
Pro Publica: @ProPublica
SFGATE @sfgate
The Markup @themarkup
Texas Observer @TexasObserver

Believed to be genuine. Validated via website link.
Reply to recommend more authentic media instances.

#twittermigration #publications #news #journalism #media

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song lyric, need rest of song 

ate my face!
I don't understand how this happened --
I thought they'd respect my space.
ate my face!
I supported them
I voted for them
They're supposed to know their place.

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The more competition to Amazon, the more authors will benefit. Period. The ‘Zon has become a positive danger to the publishing industry and to author well-being and survival. We need alternatives, and D2D looks well placed to fill that role.

Plus, I’ve been very pleased with their responsiveness so far, whenever I’ve had problems. So for what it’s worth, I’ve found them great to work with.

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There needs to be a third season of Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency. Bastards.

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"Have you any idea how much damage that bulldozer would suffer if I let it roll straight over you? ... None at all,” said Mr. Prosser
- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams

By a strange coincidence, "none at all" is how much long term damage the planet will suffer if climate change wipes us out

We're Johnny-come-lately apes with anxiety- this planet shrugged off the dinosaurs. Let's be real

Climate activism isn't an attempt to "save the Earth"- it's an attempt to save OURSELVES

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Important data from Denmark shows that the cohort of kids that were infants the year that RSV stopped circulating went on to have a lower total number RSV hospitalizations. In other words, COVID restrictions did not "delay the inevitable" surge in RSV cases. Quite the contrary: they *prevented* hospitalizations, in the sense that kids who experienced COVID restrictions are *less* represented in the RSV hospitalization data now. The bulk of hospitalizations are among kids who were not alive when we were holding back COVID.

tl;dr: there is no such thing as immunity debt, and no advantage in infecting your kid with RSV or any other respiratory virus.

h/t @lisa_iannattone

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All nautical vessels use she/her pronouns but postal ships are assigned mail at berth.

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Selling my prints 

Just set up a 'December Sale' on the limited print run of my International Astronomy Photographer of the Year Shortlisted image 'Moon Moth'. So there's 15% off for the rest of this month, and also now free UK shipping too.

Available on my ETSY: etsy.com/uk/shop/StargazerRobS

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I am looking for more friends in the trans community on here. Can y’all boost? 💕 I’m in remission from advanced stage blood cancer as well as living in a hotel right now after fleeing domestic violence. Could use lots of human interaction

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If you need reminders each and every time you don't wash a dish, leave something out of place, or don't close a door tight...

...get a cat. OMFG these two today.

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is a #Webcomic (or #GraphicNovel) about being young in a small town on a fictional island in the #Mediterranean in the late 18th century and doing #friendship and being terrified by #pirates.

As of this posting, there are 71 pages ready to enjoy
here: tonycliff.ca/blog/category/Del
or here: delilahdirk.com/dd4/dd4-p0.htm
…with more going up every week!


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Somewhat disturbing and perplexing 1900s erotic art 

Illustration de La Grande Danse Macabre by  Martin van Maele, 1905. Don't ask us what's going on here, we're as baffled as you.

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Be silly on social sites with complete strangers. It's good for the soul.

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